Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Vitamin Rich Antioxidant Skin Care Products

As I continue to research anti aging skin care tips I’m surprised to discover new and amazing ways to prevent and diminish skin aging.

vitamins c for skin care

My latest discover is the benefits of antioxidant skin care products especially those that contain pure ascorbic acid - Vitamin C and other organic ingredients.

Many anti aging creams focus on wrinkle reduction through moisturizing and collagen production -- which is great -- but we also need to address the ravages of free radical damage at the cellular level of the dermis.

While free radical production can't be stopped, research suggests we can protect ourselves by taking antioxidants. Topically and internally, antioxidants protect by scavenging free radicals which can help slow down skin aging.

That is why people take antioxidant vitamins to slow this process down in the body. And that is why applying a good antioxidant cream or serum on the skin can be just as effective.

However, until now - it was hard to find a topical product that actually contained a good dose of antioxidants. It's very difficult to keep antioxidants fresh, especially when a skin care product sits on the shelf for months and months.

However, recently, Carolyn, from Facial Exercise Fitness, developed a very potent Vitamin C serum that is fresh and full of antioxidants - because you mix it up fresh Before you use it. It's also very hydrating which can be a big plus for menopausal women who often suffer from dry, dull skin.

When you purchase this vitamin C serum you get two things:

  • A small bottle of vitamin enrich serum
  • A air-tight sealed vial of pure, potent, vitamin C ascorbic acid crystals
  • When you're ready to use it, you mix the crystals into the serum, shake well and apply to the skin
  • This ensures that each dose is pure, potent, and not oxidized or rancid like most pre-mixed vitamin C creams and serums you find on the store shelves.

    Antioxidant Skin Care Products- What Can It Do For You?

    Antioxidant skin care products can help slow the aging process naturally. Also, by using pure vitamin C - you'll eventually get clearer brighter skin and a more even toned complexion.

    This deeply penetrating delivery serum - that contains other vitamins and minerals - will visibly counteract skin damage caused by aging, sun damage and other environmental factors like stress and pollution.

    The powerful vitamin C antioxidant helps to neutralizes naturally occurring free radicals that would otherwise age and destroy your complexion.

    Anti Aging Skin Care Tips For Dull Aging Complexion

    This is one of the best anti aging skin care tips I've come across in years. If you really want to get rid of dull complexion and feed your skin - this is it.

    Vitamin C serum is also mostly organic and 100% natural. So if you suffer from skin allergies and have had bad reactions to common chemicals found in most skin care products - this one is for you.

    Tip - If you have extra dry, wrinkled, aging or damaged complexion consider pairing the Vitamin C serum with the Hydrating Cream Masque.

    This 91% mostly organic thick mask, helps deliver concentrated nutrients into the lower layers so your complexion is super hydrated and nourished. Most people feel a difference after just one treatment.

    And the benefits of using another potent antioxidant based product is the layering effect. The more antioxidant based products you use, the better the benefits.

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