Caring For Aging Skin

Caring for aging skin not only requires a fix for wrinkles and age spots – but should also help prevent future damage.

As our complexion ages it starts to look like a deflated balloon................loosing elasticity and firmness.

It also begins to take on a dull, dry look. Fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable as do folds – especially in the lower face.

Not to mention all the underlying environmental damage we can't see unless we were to look at our skin under a black light.

anti aging skin care regimen So what's a good anti-aging routine? Well, of course a healthy life style (eating lots of veggies and fruits) and the daily use a sunscreen is important.

But the sad truth is no matter how healthy you are – your skin will naturally age due to the lose of collagen - which is responsible for holding it together and keeping it hydrated. Without sufficient collagen the dermis cannot hold moisture.

So can creams or serums help prevent or replace collagen loss?…......Well there might be some hope on the horizon. There is a new generation of "designer peptides" that have demonstrated some pretty interesting scientific results.

According to WebMD, those looking for effective anti-aging skin creams should look for ones that contain "designer peptides."

Peptides are group of special amino acids that help prevent the damage and breakdown of essential components that keep our skin young…like collagen.

The National Institutes of Health funded several studies on the effectiveness of peptides for skin wound healing. The studies showed that certain peptides can stimulate the body to produce more collagen - which is just what aging skin needs to act and look younger.

One company that carries a line of products that contain pentapeptide-3 found that during a six month clinical trial, women who used their cream reported a 68% reduction in wrinkles… here to read the Matrxyl Peptide Studies.

Caring For Aging Skin - Top Suggestions

So what are the best anti-aging tips for you? Well, there isn’t just one that will work for everyone. A lot of factors come into play here - like age, skin type, individual issues, life style habits, how much damaged has occurred..... and so on.

However, most people can benefit from facial exercises which are helpful for toning underlying muscles and providing a nice lift to the face.

It can also help provide much needed volume, which we loose with age due to natural fat loss in the face. A younger face tends to be more round and full, which naturally reflects light. Even pores are less visable when the face is fuller.


    Moisture loss is real issue for aging complexion - especially for menopausal women due to the loss of hormones. Try to select moisturizers with humectants which can help hold water longer and plump up wrinkles. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or lactic acid - which are an excellent choice.

    In addition to moisturizing the skin consider using an anti-wrinkle cream that not only moisturizes but also contains copper peptides, palmitoyl pentapeptide and matrixyl.

    Research indicates that over time, powerful peptides can make the your complexion appear smoother and firmer.

Caring for Aging Skin - Other Basic Tips

In addition to the moisturizing and anti-wrinkle tips listed above – don’t forget basic skin tips that apply both to men and women. Men's anti aging skin care is not really that different from women's. Here are some basic tips we should all follow......


    Don’t forget to use a sunscreen daily - winter and summer. Aging skin is more fragile and especially susceptible UVA/UVB skin damage. Look for sunscreens that are free of chemicals and use natural sun protectors like titanium dioxide and zinc.

    Some researchers believe that certain chemical laden sunscreens can actually cause cancer! Click here Sunscreen Facts to read more.

Facial Cleansing

    What do you wash your face with? It seems like such a simple thing to do – yet many people cause their own skin problems by using the wrong cleansers.

    Try to use a pH balanced cleanser which is gentle enough for aging skin without stripping essential oils or destroying the acid mantle – which protect the skin from damage and disorders. To learn more click here to read about the Best Facial Cleanser.

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