Celebrity Makeup Reviews

Celebrity Makeup – What are their tricks and tips for looking beautiful, handsome, fresh and sexy? What kind of makeup do they use? What is the best makeup? Read on for more information.........

What to learn how to get that smokey eye makeup application right to get your eyes intensified like Angelina Jolie?

Well makeup artists state that this is a common trick that is used by most celebrities for a more dramatic eye look.

They explain that the drama comes from proper color placement so that one color creates shape, one blends and one highlights. For example:

  • start with the highlight color and sweep it closest to the eyebrow
  • then sweep the blending color at the crease of the eye
  • then the contour color fills out the rest, gently coming together with the middle hue
  • finally, the Eyeliner and mascara finishes off the overall look

Pam Anderson without makeup

This is a favorite technique for Tennis star Serna Williams who is a fan of Bobbie Brown makeup for her mascara choice (Bobbie Brown Cosmetics offers one of the best makeup foundation sticks that’s perfect for active women).

Some celebrities need very little help. For example take a look at Angelina Jolie without makeup. She has a very scrubbed and fresh look. Her face is very approachable and pretty. Celebrity makeup artists simply enhance all that natural appeal.

Barbara Strisand without makeup

However, when it comes to other contemporary stars, makeup artists have a lot more work cut out for them. Especially for women over 40 years of age. Like the ever beautiful Pam Anderson.

Her eyes fade away, her lips are undefined and she probably needs a good camouflage makeup or acne makeup to cover her acne scars and breakouts. Similarly Barbara Streisand looks puffy, sleepy and very plain-Jane without some makeup to accent her features..

Both stars would benefit from full coverage makeup that stands up to photos - which we all know that pictures show Everything......That is why MAC Cosmetics are probably the most popular among celebrities and favored by photographers.

This company's makeup line provides good coverage and their concealer won’t clog pores and evens out pigments nicely and gives a GREAT velvety finish.

Alternatively Prescriptives offers an wonderful multi-purpose makeup stick that is so easy to use.

In fact, Prescriptives makeup has a unique color match system that endeavors to match your skin as closely as possible. It’s wholly customized and sure to make you feel and look like a star.

Celebrity Makeup Lines

If that wasn’t enough in terms of options, there are other celebrity makeup lines to consider. Supermodel and actress Lauren Hutton’s makeup line is specially formulated to be light and natural looking, for gently aging women who don’t want every wrinkle highlighted by shine or thick foundations......... For the green-scene, Lauren Hutton makeup is also cruelty free.

There’s also the internationally renown Smashbox makeup enjoyed by Drew Barrymore and Madonna. This company says that we need to lighten our lipsticks and colored eyeliners for warm summer months and toss out those dark liquid eyeliners that make for harsh eyes.

Also make sure to pick up some of Smashbox’s Anti Shine. It includes an incredibly affordable palette of colors suitable for changing up your lips, eyes or entire face. This site also offers all kinds of makeup trends and helpful information gathered from celebrity makeup artists and other professionals.

Looking for more information on everything from celebrity tips and how to accent your best features to look great? Check out Peter Vaughn’s exclusive Hollywood Makeup Secrets.

It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about celebrity secrets and more! Also, take their FREE Hollywood Makeup Secrets Makeup Quiz to Identify How Well Your Makeup Routine Stacks Up When It Comes To Your Looks, And How You Apply Your Makeup.

Here you'll learn little known makeup secrets that can transform you from a plain Jane into a "Drop-Dead Gorgeous Bombshell"

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