Celebs Without Makeup

Christina Aguilera without makeup

Celebs without makeup are photographed almost every day! In any of the media coverage of the most beautiful women today, the majority of those listed are celebrities without makeup.

I think Christina Aguilera without makeup is just stunning. Her skin is flawless and her features standout without the help of eye makeup, foundation, or lipstick.

Unfortunately, I don't think Britney Spears looks that great without makeup.

Keep in mind that harsh stage lights, heavy makeup and the stress and fatigue of long days and constant traveling certainly have taken their toll performers and especially their skin.

Tyra Banks Without Makeup

tyra banks no makeup

If you saw Tyra Banks without makeup on a street corner, would you recognize her? I'm not sure I would. While she still has nice skin and a smooth complexion - she looks kind of plain.

Tyra is a pretty woman, but she definitely looks much more glamorous with makeup on and her hair done right.

While makeup can hide a multitude of flaws, probably the hardest area to fix are eye wrinkles and baggy puffy eyes. A little concealer or some type of instant eye fix would make Tyra look much better - even with no makeup at all.

Swollen baggy eyes, can be covered up and lifted in about 10 minutes with this instant eye tuck serum........ Watch the video too.

While celebrities can afford the most extravagant facials and skin care products, sometimes the simple tricks are what counts the most.

So finding a simple, effective, and inexpensive solution is sometimes the best. Even Lauren Sanchez from Extra admits to using the eye tuck serum before going TV.

What About Acne Prone Skin?

A good acne cleansing/treatment system is important if you suffer from breakouts and discoloration.

A good system starts off with a naturally based facial cleansing gel formulated with Aloe Vera gel and Tea Tree designed to remove oil, makeup and any leftover residue from the surface of the face without disrupting the natural pH of the skin.

Follow the cleanser with a renewing serum with naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) is next. It acts as an exfoliator, helping to remove dry, flaky outer skin to reveal the new layer beneath.

It can also lighten scarring and help to minimize the appearance of pock-marks as well as balancing combination skin. Best of all, it reduces the appearance of find lines and wrinkles, speeds cellular healing and evens out skin tone.

The final step is the famous H-Series Moisturizer. This unusual hydrator made from essential herbs, medicinal agents and unrefined plant essences. The best part is it helps to balance out the skin so it’s smooth and hydrated but not GREASY.

Even if you’re not a celeb without makeup, your skin deserves the best you can give it. A calmer, more youthful complexion will be yours in no time!

Click here for more information on gentle organic acne treatment care.

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