Cellex C Skin Care Product

The Cellex C Skin Care product line is an alternative to Retin A, discovered almost by accident by doctor Lorraine Meisner, in her kitchen in 1986.

Doctor Meisner, a cell biologist, had heard that women were using Retin A because of its abilities to reduce fine line and wrinkles but Retin A does have one drawback, it leaves the skin overly sun sensitive.

Working alone in her kitchen like an alchemist, Doctor Meisner ground ingredients by hand in a mortar and pestle looking for the right formulation of stable vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that would work in a topical form for the skin, the results were astounding.

Cellex-C high potency serum doesn’t leave the skin overly sensitive to sunlight, helps to keep the moisture in the skin and helps the collagen to rebuild, plumping the skin up.

“It seemed to me that all the skin products that were being tried were like trying to pull a sheet tight over a lumpy mattress. I thought, instead, you should pouf up the mattress itself.” says Doctor Meisner, in an interview with the Wisconsin State Journal, published in 2000.

What she meant was why not try to plump up the skin to fill in lines, groves, and wrinkles -- instead of trying to cover them up?

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits - Cellex C Skin Care

Clinical trials and research has proven that Cellex C can reduce fine lines and wrinkles up to eighty four percent in three months of daily use. Research volunteers - ages of 36 to 72 - also saw significant improvements in skin firmness and tone.

Rave reviews from almost every women’s magazine from Elle to Women’s World Daily isn’t hurting Cellex C reputation either.

The Cellex C Skin Care product line includes Vitamin B5 to help rebuild collagen, renew, re-texturize your skin.

Even dermatologists and plastic surgeons are recommending this line to their patients for use after procedures like laser treatments and dermabrasion as it cuts healing time by up to half.

If you're looking for an intense wrinkle treatment serum that offers super antioxidant protection along with the ability to brighten and firm, this serum is for you.

And because it contains hyaluronic acid, which also helps boost the moisture content the dermis, most people start to see almost immediate results. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to attract a thousand times it's own weight in moisture!

This potent 10% vitamin C serum is light weight, non greasy clear gel is easily tolerated by most skin types and works perfectly under makeup too.

The Cellex C skin care product line is a long term investment in your skin. With its remarkable delivery system of vitamin C and other antioxidants, deep into the skin, helping to repair and renew your skin, these products seem to be miracles in a jar.

However, keep in mind that best results are seen with consistent, long term use. The study below showed significant improvements in 3 months, however, most women report optimal results (especially in firmness) after 6 months or more.

Want to read more reviews and comments? Click here...Cellex-C high potency serum - Customer Reviews

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