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Welcome to Clinique lipstick Review. Have you ever tried any Clinique lip products?

If you did, then you know why they’re so popular and probably one of the most best selling lipsticks on the market today.

But why is that? Well all Clinique lip gloss and lipsticks are dermatologist-approved, allergy tested, and non-toxic.

But, I think the real reason is the wide range of beautiful shades – especially their red and berry colored lipsticks.

Probably the most popular Clinique lip color is the Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. This color seems to compliment a wide range of skin tones, hair color, and ages.

From dark skin, dark eyes to the lightest/palest skin tone with light eyes………women of all colors seem to look great in this lipstick. How does Clinique do that?

Clinique offers enough colors to suite those with pink, green, and yellow skin undertones – so something as simple as a dash of lip color can make you look fabulous, alive, and bright.

The other reason why their lipsticks are so popular is the consistency – which is always so creamy and moist – yet has incredible staying power.

And, finally of course there is the large selection of lip products. From Butter shine, High impact, Full Potential (lip plumber and color in one tube), and Gloss wear Lip Shimmer. 

However, Clinique lipsticks are (in my opinion) a bit pricey and they never last as long as others on the market.

Let face it - there are so many better choices today that not only last longer but can even make your teeth look whiter and your smile brighter........................................................

Lipsticks that work overtime

Looking for a money and time saver? Mommy Makeup makes a long lasting super hydrating  Try Triple Stick Cream Lipstick and Blush!

Save time and money with one product............

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