The Derma Wand

The Derma Wand system claims it has the ability to reduce pore size, appearance of puffy eyes, sagging skin and fine lines.

The Derma Wand - Product Details

The Derma Wand is an electronic device that is supposed to tighten your skin and reduce wrinkles through thermal energy.

It comes with a carrying case, a DVD, booklet, 2 oz DermaVital Pre-Face Treatment, 2 oz DermaVital Hydra Infusion Treatment, and a 4 oz Hydrating Skin Mist.

This electronic device is meant to mimic those expensive high frequency machines used in spas and clinics. It sends out a stream of micro-current impulses -- 114,000 cycles per second. These impulses are supposed to massage the skin and muscles increasing circulation and oxygen to the skin cells.

This massing action also helps to tone and tighten the skin, decongest puffy eyes - -reducing bags under the eyes - and eliminating dark circles.


At the cost of $140.00 plus shipping the Derma Wand is a pretty big investment. Also, to use it correctly and for best results, it has to be used twice a day using a 4-step process which is pretty time consuming for most of us these days. Also, You have to use the Hydra Infusion cream which can become costly

Our Top Choice

For my money and time, the Facial Exercises are much more effective, simple to use, and cheap! Once you learn the exercises - you never have to re-fill or purchase it again. And, exercises can help lift/build sagging muscles in ways that creams can't.

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