dermabrasion machines

What is the most effective home dermabrasion machine on the market? I want to try microdermabrasion at home because they're too expensive at my dermatologists office.

I've have a couple of treatments and I'm so addicted to them. My skin looks great right after each treatment, but then a week later it goes back to normal...sort of dull looking.

I was hoping I can use the home version in between regular professional treatments to keep my skin looking good.

Thanks for any advice you can offer


Thanks for your question. I'm afraid I can't answer that as I have not tested all of the home dermabrasion machines on the market....even though there aren't that many.

But I really like the one that I use right now. To me, it is the best home microdermabrasion machine for me.

This is a real microdermabrasion machine...not a microdermabrasion kit with exfoliating/granule creams and scrubs. Or a microdermabrasion cloth.

This machine simulates what the professional machines do in the sense that it uses real aluminum disks (some really good professional ones use diamond tip disks) and it has a vacuum system that pulls the skin closer to the disk and sucks away the dead skin that is peeled off.

I've had professional microdermabrasion treatments before and loved them! But of course they were to expensive to keep up with. So, in comparing my experience and results with the professional treatments - I'm pretty happy with mine.

Plus, from looking at the other machines on the market - they look big and cumbersome. The one I use is a little bigger than large round hair brush. It's really easy to use and maneuver all over the face, neck, chest. I even use on a few brown spots on my arm and thigh.

My only complaint is that it's loud. You really don't notice how loud it is until you use it around the upper face area. But, hey - that's ok if I'm never going to have to spend $200.00 for microdermabrasion treatments and still get the results I like.

If you do try the others.....please write back and let me and my visitors know what you think. I'm very curious as to how the others are too.


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