Double Chin Exercise Tips

Can Exercises Help Reduce A Double Chin?

Sometimes a simple double chin exercise can make all the difference by tightening up loose muscles.

However, if you have excess weight - loosing a pounds might bring about better results. 

What type of chin exercises are best? How do they work? What muscles do they affect?

Here is information you might want to know if you suffer from a double chin..........................

Well, the old adage, “Use it or loose it” applies to multiple situations including your body and face muscles.

Exercise your neck and face to keep it tone and lifted!

The human body has muscles integrated into every part. 

The skin is no exception. Even the pores of your skin have minute muscles that will tighten to lift hairs in an attempt to provide protection from the cold.

Sagging muscles (whether in the body or face) is the major indicator of health and age.

Your face is what people usually look at first..........

Signs of weakening muscle are wrinkles and pulling of the facial features downward by gravity (like in the case of sagging droopy facial jowls or double chin).

Researchers now know that there are certain face exercises that can improve the way you look quickly without resorting to costly and painful cosmetic surgery.

This includes exercises for double chin to help strengthen those muscles that affect how we look

How Double Chin Exercise Works

In the base of your jaw and chin area, the two muscle groups that affect the appearance of skin behind the chin are the “platysma” and the “mentalis”.

The platysma is the larger of the two groups and stretches from the sides of your jaw and cheeks all the way down to your collarbone.

The mentalis are the muscles that control your lower lip and what you use to pout.

Of the two, the platysma is the one that supports the tongue and soft tissue of the mouth. When it weakens due to age or general weight gain and lack of exercise, the double chin effect starts and grows.

Exercises for Double Chin

Several double chin exercises can strengthen this supportive structure. They can be done throughout the day and require no equipment other than your own hands and face.

A simple exercise that you can repeat throughout the day is as follows:

  • Place your thumbs against your chin, with the pads of the thumps upward.
  • As you press your tongue upwards against the roof of your mouth, slide your thumbs along the jaw towards the point where the jaw meets your neck.
  • Repeat this between 30 and 40 times.
  • Perform as often as you can manage during the day without irritation.

As with any double chin exercise, repetition and consistency are essential. Results may vary greatly from one person to another. Age, health and other physical factors can cause some people to benefit more than others.

The most important thing to remember is that nothing that works naturally will work instantly, but the long-term benefits are more lasting.

Medical procedures such as cosmetic surgery are costly, uncomfortable and there are always risks in invasive techniques.

Changing how you view your health is important. The effects of a lifetime of doing things the easy way will eventually catch up with most people.

Working to improve your health and appearance can be a simple process, but you must take responsibility for making the change part of your daily routine. The benefits are more than cosmetic.

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