Double Chin Surgery

Double chin surgery (liposuction) is one of the most common procedures in cosmetic surgery and can help to remove double chin fat. The process is often combined with alteration of other areas of the face such as neck and lower face – often called a short scar facelift. This can increase the cost of surgery into several thousand dollars. And recovery time is usually 1-2 weeks or more.

The exact process varies according to the specific needs of the patient. The most common surgery involves making small incisions along the underside of the jaw. A plastic tube removes excess fat by vacuum force and if required to achieve the desired contours, some muscle or other tissue may be surgical cut away.

Another common part of the surgery is stitching loose skin and tissue into a tighter configuration to hold the area under the jaw firmly in place. Removal of fatty deposits and stitching under the skin around the cheeks and neck will tighten those areas. In some cases, artificial implants (if used) to build up the chin can slip and require future procedures to correct.

All of these processes will cause bruising and discomfort. The swelling and discoloration can take up to a week to heal, during which time care must be taken to prevent excess movement until the surgical site heals.

Other risks of surgery include infection, loss of feeling or ability to move the muscles in the surgical area, and complications due to surgery. Some complications can occur because of adverse reactions to general anesthesia. Smokers are at higher risk for necrosis, which is skin death around the surgical site. Age and general health can also affect the healing process.

To lose a double chin, this can be more than most people are willing to endure. Unless the process corrects damage done in an accident, or to correct a defect that affects the patient’s ability to eat or otherwise have normal function, insurance companies will not pay for cosmetic procedures. Time, money and discomfort must all be born by the patient.

Exercise for Double Chin

Exercise of any muscle can improve tone. People often overlook or forget that their skin has a layer of muscle. Double chin exercises can tighten and lift the sag without surgery, cost or necessitating time to heal.

Double chin exercises can help firm up the underlying muscles and tighten the skin. The combination of the two usually provides pretty good results. However, these changes are not as quick as surgery and can take a few months to see dramatic results.

While surgery is always a risk, there are times when it is a necessity. If you decide you want double chin surgery, make sure to do your home work. Visit Cosmetic Surgery Center Guide to learn what you need to know before surgery.

On other hand, by taking a few minutes daily to perform face exercises, you can improve your appearance with natural without surgery.

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