Dry Patchy Skin

Cheap Natural Dry Skin Remedies - How To Heal Dry Skin Quickly

Dry patchy skin? Ouch! This condition can be painful for some as it may itch, flake, and sometimes even bleed.

Since you're reading this page, you probably have not found an effective treatment or help for dry skin patches, Well, continue reading below to learn how to heal dry skin and get some relief.

Why some people suffer from this condition while other don't? Nobody really knows........most can speculate, but the bottom line is you want relief!

Dry patchy skin could also be due to excessively low level of sebum (oils). Some reasons include:

  • Harsh soaps that are not pH balanced
  • Long showers or excessive use of hot water
  • Long term exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Medical conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Click on what is eczema if you suspect that is your problem
  • Medical conditions such as under active thyroid or certain medications
  • Under use of moisturizers or using ones that are filled with cheap oils or irritating additives
  • Vitamin deficiencies like vitamins A and omega 3 fish oils - see vitamins for dry skin
  • Hormonal Imbalance. Low levels of estrogen and progesterone – like during menopause – can cause a significant reduction in oil levels on the skin surface. See peri-menopause symptoms

How To Heal Dry Skin and Patches

Exfoliate! - try to remove the dead upper layer cells so your moisturizing treatments can penetrate and work better. There are basically two types of exfoliation - scrubs and serums.

There are many scrubs that you can make at home that are cheap and good for you too. My favorite and very simple one is - sugar and olive oil. Mix the two together and make a paste. Gently massage this paste all over the patchy areas and rinse off well.

Make sure to apply a deeply hydrating moisturizer or a severe dry skin cream right after rinsing....while the skin is still damp.

Also, once a week consider using a lactic acid based serum that helps the "dissolve" the glue between the dead cells that form those dry white patches. Lactic acid not only draws moisture to the dermis, but helps exfoliate as well and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

You can't go wrong with a natural skin exfoliator because it not helps remove dead cells, but helps to increase absorption of your favorite products, while increasing the skin's ability to hold moisture.

Normal, healthy skin is coated in a thin layer of natural lipids, or fatty substances. This keep in moisture, leaving the soft and supple. But when the dermis is not able to shed dead cells quickly - whether due to disease or aging - these cells build and prevent the normal healthy lipid layer from doing their job.

A lactic or glycolic (or combo) based serum helps to renew the surface of the skin and clear it. So the natural oils can help protect and your moisturizers will be able to penetrate better.

Another very simple tip to heal your complexion is to use a plain honey mask. Apply a thick layer of honey over your face and let it sit for 15 min. or so. Rinse off well and apply a moisturizer. Honey is a natural humectant, which means it draw moisture from the air helps put it back into the dermis.

If the problem ares are on your body - like legs, arms, feet and hands, try apply olive oil, emu oil, or coconut oil to the areas at night before going to bed and consider wearing gloves and socks after application. This really helps!

There is nothing more painful than rough cracked or bumpy dry skin. If you have reached this point, perhaps a severe dry skin kit is more appropriate to relieve symptoms, damage, and help heal.

Suffers often put up with relentless itching and flaking, or scaling, and sometimes even bleeding. If you suffer from excessively dry complexion or it has progressed to the point where there are small cracks that bleed and weep, you should see your doctor or dermatologist to make sure that it's not something more serious like eczema or psoriasis.

Dry Patchy Skin Treatment

Regardless of the causes of dry skin – one simple and logical treatment includes establishing a moisture barrier on the skin surface and Keeping it there!

One reason why most typical moisturizers fail to offer relief for dry patchy skin is because they get washed, rubbed, or wiped off too soon and leave the skin exposed and dry.

If you've tried plenty of moisturizer that didn't work, consider my favorite - a deep hydrating (mostly) organic, advanced vitamin therapy moisturizer for damaged, dry, or just aging skin.

that contains unrefined botanical extracts so it's extremely gentle and won't irritate any type of complexion.

Remember, if you have dry patchy skin it's important to reduce the dead cells before any hydrating cream can penetrate. Exfoliate, but do it gently if you have sensitive skin.

Try a small area first and then work from there. I keep a big jar of sugar and olive oil mixture in my shower to smooth the skin all over my body. Try it! Once you start, you'll be addicted :-)

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