My Eyeliss Review

Most Eyeliss reviews that I've read state that products containing the triple peptide combo (called Eyeliss) is supposed to help with puffiness, bags, or thin and crinkly skin under and around the eyes.

Well here is my take on it..........

I purchased an eye serum called Dermagist that contains eyeliss, stem cells, matrxyl, and haloxyl.

Their website states that this eye serum is supposed to help reduce puffiness around the fat pockets above and below the eyes.

The instructions said to apply the serum all around the eyes using a circular tapping motion - so that's what I did....

I started from the top of my outer cheek and moved my fingers in a tapping motion counter clockwise....heading toward my nose and up and around the upper eyelid finishing off at the top of  my outer cheek.

In about an hour or so later I did notice a more smoother contour of the whole area and less puffiness in the lower lid. But not much else.... 

TIP: Put the serum in the refrigerator before using...

So the next morning I tried it again, but this time it was cold.

I did the same massage, tapping motion as the day before, but this time the serum was cold and felt really good.

My results: It did help reduce some congestion around the whole eye area and the skin on my eye lids look smoother and more hydrated.

2 Month Review

Well, continued to use this serum in the same way described above and I kept it in the refrigerator the whole time so it was always cool when it was applied.

While the results weren't as dramatic as I had hoped when it came to reducing puffiness - the serum did smooth the skin and made it look less crinkly and wrinkles. 

Also, it felt more hydrated. Which was nice!

Would I purchase it again? Probably, at least for the hydrating effect or until I find something else that works even better.

Research Reviews on Eyeliss

Eyeliss has been studied pretty closely. Of the individuals who used this ingredient, some 70 percent saw at least a fifty percent reduction in dark circles under the eye

It takes about 5 months of regular treatment for that type of reduction, although a fair number of folks (over 60% saw improvements earlier than that). 

Along with the lessening of dark circles people reported the area to be smoother, decreased puffiness and bags, and better circulation. In addition, Eyeliss has similar properties to Botox Creams. 

This isn’t surprising since the peptides in this product have strong anti-oxidant qualities. Anti-oxidants are fantastic anti-aging helpmates. 

Additionally Eyeliss was designed to target one specific problem, so it didn’t need a lot of ingredients – just the right ones for this particular beauty task. 

Overall, the reviews for Eyeliss are pretty encouraging. The most negative comments were from women who used a creamy eye products - as opposed to a gel - and found that the greasy base sometimes made the eyes puff up even more. So, it's best to choose gels and serums that hydrate instead.

Stem Cells: Review

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it has its own way of going about recovery. The ability to rejuvenate it, however, decreases rapidly as we get older. That’s where stem cells step in as a replacement therapy. 

A recent review indicates that stem cells when applied to the upper dermis, program themselves to the encourage regeneration. This could be an important factor why people feel they look younger when they use Eyeliss. 

Click here to review Eyeliss Review PDF - Studies

Dermajuv (Dermagist) Review

The product I tested is called Eye revolution by Dermajuv and is one of several products in the Dermajuv line (now called Dermagist). 

What can you personally expect?

Each person is unique so results vary. However within about 28 days of starting with Eyeliss you should be noticing that your eyes don’t look so tired.

Some tell me the dark circles and puffiness are slightly reduced and wrinkles don’t look so defined. 

By 5 months the results should be more dramatic and highly noticeable particularly with individuals who haven’t seen you in a while. 

By now most people should notice that fine lines are less visible, and the overall elasticity and firmness should have improved by years! 

I wrote this eyeliss review because I was impressed with the studies and my results!

Please drop me a line and let me know what your results are.....I'd like to publish them here.

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