Face Moisturizers Linked to Skin Cancer

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Four Common Face Moisturizers Linked to Skin Cancer. Is Your Moisturizer On This List?

A recent study suggests that chemicals found in some common moisturizers might cause skin cancer.

In this study, researcher from Rutgers University exposed hairless mice to UVB light to mimic normal sun exposure. After the exposure, the mice were treated with four popular moisturizers.

Results showed that the treated mice developed more -- and larger -- skin tumors than the untreated mice. Prompting the lead researcher, Allan Conney, professor of cancer and leukemia, to issue a statement of concern over the safety of common moisturizers on the market today.

Skin cancer already affects thousands of Americans every year. The American Cancer Society estimates that close to 60,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma – the most serious form of skin cancer. Roughly 8,000 people will die from this disease.

And, what’s worse cases seem to be on the rise. A study published in the July issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found a substantial increase in melanoma rates in young women and men (ages between 15 and 39) in the last 28 years.

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What Moisturizers Where Used In The Study

Researchers applied 100 mg of the following moisturizers 5 days a week for 17 weeks. These include:

  • Dermabase had a total increase of tumors by 69%
  • Dermavan had a total increase of tumors by 95%
  • Eucerin had a total increase of tumors by 24%
  • Vanicream had a total increase of tumors by 58%

So What Can You Do?

So what about the effect of these moisturizers on humans?" Researches say that they don't know yet, as this study was done on rats.

However, it does suggest that epidemiologists and companies marketing these creams should take a closer look at people who use moisturizers.

Also, it's a good idea to always practice common sense when going out into the sun - cover up and use a sunscreen everyday -- winter or summer.

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Face Moisturizers for Dry or Aging Skin

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