Found the Best Crepey Skin Creme?

by Tyna

Which crepey skin creme for neck wrinkles?

Which crepey skin creme for neck wrinkles?


I'm starting to get those tiny lines and lose looking skin around on my neck, my lower cheeks right under my cheekbones and around my under eye area.

Is there a special creme that can help reduce crepey skin? One that can be purchased over the counter or at my local drugstore?



Editor's Note

Hello Tyna and thanks for your question regarding a crepey skin creme. I honestly have not found an over-the-counter creme that reduces the look of crepey skin or that helped to tighten and thicken the skin.

There may be some non-invasive surgical procedures that can definitely help firm up the dermis like laser skin tightening and fillers like Restylane. But, of course they are expensive.

However, I found that facial exercises helped reduce crepey skin all over my face - Especially on my neck and around my eyes. The program I follow is inexpensive and there are no side effects.

The Good News? It is the CHEAPEST anti-aging beauty tip you'll ever try. You never have to refill or repurchase a facial exercise program. Once you buy it and use it you have a life long tool to help prevent and REVERSE age related skin changes - like the dreaded turkey neck. See my before and after pictures here.....

The Bad News? It won't work if you don't them. Plus, it takes a few weeks to see the results. That's why I tell people who try facial exercises to take pictures because you'll won't believe the subtle changes that can happen in about 6 weeks.

Regarding crepey skin under your eyes? Now, while there isn't an over-the-counter "creme" that can help get rid of crepey skin, there is a lightweight serum that I use around the eyes to give my eyes an instant but temporary lift.

It also helps reduce the look of puffiness under the eyes. You can see a video of how it works here.

For me it's the absolute best eye serum for the delicate crepey skin under the eyes. It's not as drying as most eye lift serums and the best part is that you can use on ON-TOP of your favorite moisturizers, makeup or concealers.

Hope that helps.

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