Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

I love the idea of homemade mothers day gifts, it so personal and meaningful. But what do you do if you're not very handy with arts and crafts?

I'm not very artistic so giving homemade gifts - like making scrapbooks, fancy gift baskets, or painting something - was not really an option for me.

But, I did figure out a way to make mother's day gifts more personalized by adding personal touches and taking in account what mom really wants.

Special Mother's Day Gifts

There is one thing every mother and woman wants – to be pampered. You can put together a wonderful mother's day basket for under $30.00 with products that will enhance relaxation, comfort, and beauty.

And from now until the 15th of May, you can get a Free bottle of AHA/BHA Complex (a $20.00 value) with any order. Just enter the code MOTAHA. I would personally like to suggest the Simple Homemade Organic Facial.

This facial is intensive and effective. It helps lighten scars, spots, freckles, blackheads, blotches....for a polished complexion. This facial only needs to be done a few times a month for great results.

Once you have a couple of great products you can assemble them in a pretty wicker basket. You find all types of baskets almost anywhere (drugstores, dollar stores, etc..) and just fill it up with her favorite bath and beauty products or surprise her with some new ones.

A BIG favorite is the Facial Massage for Wrinkles DVD - This DVD is one of the best gift ideas for anyone (man or woman) who wants to slow the aging process down. Creams and serums are great - But aside from plastic surgery nothing can actually lift firm the underlying muscles of the face. These massage exercises also help reduce skin wrinkles too. Plus, the best part........

You'll never have to re-purchase it again! Unlike creams and lotions that have to be replaced when the supply runs out, once you learn how to do these exercises, they're yours forever. And you now have an anti-aging tool for the rest of your life!!

Another favorite is the Beauty Cache which is a cosmetic bag filled with a variety of full sized and sample skin care products like:

  • hand cream
  • eye moisturizer
  • face moisturizer
  • hand cream
  • mascara
  • hair serum.....and more

Plus, it comes in a great bag that you can hang on the back of the bathroom door. Great for traveling. I have one myself and just love it. I use it whenever I travel – very convenient.

You can put this beauty bag into a big basket, add some chocolate, a personalized card with a heart felt message and maybe great mothers day quote and your done.

It's personalized, beautiful, very functional, tasty and best of all she'll know you put some thought into this…..and when it comes to homemade Mothers Day gifts -- isn't that what really counts?

If you're interested in the Beauty Cache bag don't wait too long. Last year and the year before, they sold out weeks before Mother's Day.

I loved this so much, I wanted to get it for several friends and realized that their supply was limited. I think because it's such a great price - considering all the skin care products you get and the great looking cosmetic bag.

Mother's Day Present Ideas – For New Mothers

While new moms are ecstatic about their little bundle of joy – their also very exhausted! So their needs and desire for pampering and beauty products may be a little bit different.

This great little Belli Motherhood Essential Kit contains 4 great products especially geared towards tired new moms with sensitive or irritated skin.

This kit contains everything from an eye brightener cream for reducing dark circles around the eyes -- to a nursing cream to sooth irritated skin. It even includes a great body firming serum too.

What new mom wouldn't want brighter firmer skin - especially, with all the family and friends visiting to see the new baby.

So there it is. Some really simple and easy gifts ideas - that you can pick and choose to make your own personalized Mother's day gift basket.

You can do this on-line and have it shipped right to her or even purchase gift cards so she can buy whatever she wants. Many times you can save money on free shipping too.

Additional Reading for Homemade Mothers Day Gifts

Mother's Day Coupon Special - Click here to get a Free $20.00 value.

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