How to Shrink Pores

Want to know how to shrink pores?

While pores are necessary for the health of your skin by providing the oil that keeps skin soft and supple, large pores can form when they are irritated and inflamed, infected, or become clogged with dead skin cells, excess oil and makeup debris.

Sun damage can thicken skin cells around pores, and there is also a genetic factor involved in the formation of large pores. If large pores remain untreated, it isn’t long before blemishes begin to form and often turn into full breakouts.

While pore size can’t be permanently reduced, it helps to know how to shrink pores temporarily to avoid such problems.

A good, gentle cleansing is the first step in shrinking pores and should be performed twice a day in lukewarm---NOT hot---water to avoid irritating and enlarging pores.

Try using an antioxidant face wash containing retinol, vitamin A, C or salicylic acid, but be sure not to scrub the face as this will only irritate and inflame large pores.

Shrinking Pores

You can follow this up with commercial astringents or toners, but they can sometimes be overly harsh and drying. An herbal astringent such as witch hazel is gentler, but don’t overdo it.

If your face starts feeling dry and tight, cut back astringent use and always follow any astringent with an oil-free moisturizer. An organic, hydrating one is simply soothing and feels wonderful.

Even an ice cube can act as a quick astringent and immediately shrinks pores. Knowing how to shrink pores is easy when you know what to use.

Exfoliation is the next important key to shrinking pores. A mild facial scrub such as ones containing almond or apricot and a fruit acid based serum exfoliator should be used two to three times per week.

A microdermabrasion treatment once or twice a week is also very effective and is done either in a spa or salon or even at home. Follow up any type of exfoliation treatment with a good oil-free moisturizer or facial primer, especially under makeup.

This will prevent the makeup from absorbing into and clogging the pores while providing a smoother surface for its application.

Smaller Pores

Smaller pores are possible if you follow a few basic tips that have worked for me and many other women.

First, use oil-free products labeled as being “non-comedogenic” and “pore minimizing” and be sure to remove all makeup at the end of the day. Sunscreen is a must to avoid pore-enlarging sun damage.

For those who aren’t satisfied with the results from these treatments, there are more extreme options such as chemical peels and even laser resurfacing.

Chemical peels employ various kinds of acids to penetrate the top skin layers and remove them by peeling them down to the newer layers with smaller pores.

You can even use the over-the-counter fruit acid based serum listed above as mini- micro –peel. Plus, it can help reduce wrinkles too. I find it to be a very effective tool for more smoother, clearer, luminous skin.

Laser resurfacing not only reduce pores but also eliminates damage from the sun and aging. In addition to external try to drink lots of pure water to help keep the dermis hydrated, and eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible.

I hope that these tips have covered the basics of how to shrink pores and improve the appearance of your skin. Clearer skin should soon be yours!

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