I Get Puffy Eyes from Crying?


My son is getting married in a few week. He is my only child and I'm pretty emotional so I know I'll be crying (happy tears of course) a lot.

I normally have a little bit of bags under my eyes mostly worse in the morning. But my eyes get extremely puffy even if I cry a little and I'm afraid I'll ruin all the wedding pictures by looking horrible.

I want to try your eye serum but am worried that the tears, heat, or humidity will make it run or melt away. The wedding will be in South Florida in late August so it will be hot and humid.

How durable is this under eye puffy serum? Will I need to do something special to make sure it stays on?

Please answer soon so I can find something to help me look great on this special day.


Hi Lillian,

Congratulations on the nuptials!! You must be so excited!

So, yes, to answer your question about the durability of the EES Serum - It stays on very well with during hot humid days and even when sweating. I know first hand because I use it everyday and go to a very hot gym 3 times a week and it always stays on.

The owner of the gym I go to does not believe in air-conditioning so I really get sweaty in the summer!!

The serum lasts through a 1 1/2 hour long sweaty workout session just fine.

I've had many women (brides) tell me that they used this serum for their special day and it stayed put even when they cried. BUT, the secret is to make sure you do not wipe it away with a tissue.

If you do have a lot of tears streaming down your face, make to just light blot the area where you applied the serum. But, if you accidentally wiped the serum away here is another trick you can use.

Rinse your eye area with water and wipe away an residual serum left. Then apply a light moisturizer, blot that excess moisturizer away, wait a few seconds and then re-apply the serum as normal.

Make sure you play around with it before the wedding. Some people need more and some need less and only you can gauge that by experimenting with it first before the important day.

I hope this information has helped. Again, congratulations on the wedding of your son!


P.S. Please let me know how it worked for you. I'd love to hear your experience so that others can learn about it too.

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