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What is so special about La Mer skin cream? It is one of the only skin care product that can be used by everyone – even those with extra sensitive skin.

However, this cosmetic line is ridiculously expensive! Which is why many of us are looking for coupon codes or some type of discount on La Mer products.

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What makes this La Mer skin care line so different?

Well, it was originally developed by an aerospace physicist -- Dr. Max Huber – who set out to find a cream to heal a scar he get received during a lab accident.

Dr. Huber used natural ingredients like sea kelp and other nutrient rich ingredients in his La Mer face cream line.

You see he was trying to focus on a cream that can heal the skin, but wound up discovering a whole anti-aging skin care line.

You see wrinkles are actually a sign of damaged or injured skin. It’s skin that lacks collagen and elastin. If you can stimulate collagen, you can repair wrinkles. Skin healing involves the production of collagen.

One of the most popular and effective La Mer skin care product is the Crème de la Mer’s Miracle Broth Moisturizing Cream.

What makes this so special is that before applying it you first warm it between your fingertips first to activate the nutrient rich broth and release its key ingredients.

Then you pat it onto clean dry face, neck, and especially under the eye area. You skin will feel incredible! In fact, there is a myth about this cream that it has a cult following!!

While La Mer skin cream may be a bit pricey, it’s very thick and a little goes a long way. Someone women who have been suffering from extremely dry skin for years with no relief from other products – have claimed that this one really worked and finally softened and hydrate their overly dry skin.

Looking for La Mer Face Cream at a substantial discount.

At the link above you'll find a whole list of La Mer products from day and night creams, to body care, and even travel sets. Which by the way, is a good way to "try" products before investing in a full size (expensive) jar.

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