LifeCell Antiaging
Wrinkle Cream

Have you tried LifeCell antiaging wrinkle cream? Some say this treatment works in 20 minutes. Hearing this type of testimony makes me skeptical!

Especially when it costs around cost of $189.00 for a 2.54 oz jar - I'd like to be sure it's worth it.

LifeCell Cream Review

Let's do an in-depth LifeCell Antiaging Wrinkle Cream review:

LifeCell claims to be the next, best anti aging treatment. The website touts visible results in under two minutes.

It’s this type of hyped-up advertising that causes concern and speculation that LifeCell may be a scam.

Also, be careful because their Free trial offer is tied to an auto-ship program -- which means you'll get charged for the product every month unless you contact them to stop it.

What about LifeCell’s ingredients? The list of active ingredients in LifeCell include:

  • Dithiolane-3-Pentantic Acid: More than likely this is actually Dithiolane-3-Pentanoic Acid, which is a universal antioxidant that is soluble in both water and oil. Note that LifeCell’s website does not define universal antioxidant correctly (humm… spelling and definition errors? Not a good start).
  • Idebenone: another universal antioxidant that’s use in many skincare products.
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate: an unstable form of Vitamin C. A better option for this product would have been C Ester, but of course the website doesn’t tell you that.
  • Deanol: an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: This ingredient has some botox type effects, and again it’s used in a lot of other products that are no where near as costly as LifeCell.

While the ingredient list isn’t terrible, there are a few very potent and effective ingredients that also work to help reduce the formation of wrinkles - like Copper Peptides.

Here are some studies on the benefits of peptides on skin aging:

  • In the 16th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies, copper peptides were confirmed as the best ingredient for anti-aging cream. Copper peptides increase elasticity, improve firmness, stimulate collagen, decrease age spots and generally support healthy skin.

LifeCell Side-effects

Is It Safe?

For people with skin conditions or skin sensitivity, there is a chance that LifeCell can cause redness or flaking/dry skin and photosensitivity.

For people with relatively normal skin, the product seems fairly safe with one caveat.

Bottom line, if you have very dry skin, this may not be the best choice for you. Otherwise, those with normal skin were satisfied with the results.

The Cost

The price of LifeCell antiaging wrinkle cream is a staggering $189.00 per unit. However, they say once you sign up for auto-shipping, the price is reduced. You can also call (once you find out if you like the product) and negotiate a lower price.

Another Alternative

Try copper peptides which is a natural anti-wrinkle ingreident and used by plastic surgeons for post-op cosmetic patients.

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