Lip Stain

I love lip stains! A good lip stain brings lasting color to your lips even through eating and drinking. These products actually stain your lips with color – unlike lipstick that sits on top of the lips and disappears quickly.

Pür Minerals

And, they usually provide a nice, natural color or glow. Sometimes, people can't even tell that you're wearing a stain because the color is so natural.

Sounds good right? So what's the problem? Well, for some of us with naturally dry lips or for women over a certain age, stains may cause dryness or enhance wrinkles.

How do stains work? Like a lollipop or blueberries, lip stains leave their colorful mark on the top layers of your skin. The pigments in stains sink into the top few layers of skin and remain visible even if eating or drinking removes your original application.

This is because stains don't contain waxes or moisturizers like lipsticks do. Most are in a water base and usually contain alcohol and dyes.

So what can you do? Consider using a deep conditioning lip gloss on top or as an alternative to staining. The best lip moisturizer gives you great color and luscious lips without worrying about dryness. I've noticed that over the years, lip gloss looks best on my lips and gives them a more fuller softer look.

Colorful lips give you a finished look, but choose your color very carefully. Since the pigments in a stain are very dark, your lips might get more of a colorful boost than you wanted. Your skin absorbs pigments in a way that is unique to you, so try a light application on a normal day first. Remember, dark lip color can be very aging!

Stains work well when you want to avoid sweating off your lip color or for a light look on a summer day. Use your best expert hand to apply your color choice since you will get pigment anywhere you apply the stain.

Heavy application can unfortunately leave a very dark stain that looks unattractive. Your accidental slip can last quite a while longer than the color from a traditional kind of lip-gloss.

So now we know the biggest drawback to a lip stain seems to be that they dry out your lips. Especially when exposed to the elements or for aging lips that often lack moisture on their own. As we all know - the skin on the lips lose some elasticity and moisture naturally over time.

So applying a moisturizing lip gloss on top of your favorite stain can work to replace lost moisture - giving you the best of both worlds....long lasting stain/color and glossy hydrated lips. But what type of gloss is best to give your lips a healthy boost and a bit more pout?

Want More Luscious Lips?

There are a lot of choices on the market today and many claim to boost or plump up your lips a bit. However, I would make sure to choose a gloss that contains vitamins, minerals, and hydrators.

Essential vitamins absorb into your skin even helping to protect your lips for aging, while the minerals support healthy skin. Your lips get their own spa treatment while you look fabulous.

Some lip glosses contain special treatments to plump up your fabulous lips. Like practicing a pucker or biting your lips lightly, full lips are easy to get and so much fun.

Deep hydration and a mineral base give the Pür Minerals lip stain a jump on helping you have the best smile in town.

The formula for this lip gloss feels light without being sticky like other glosses. You can comfortably wear the Pur Minerals lip gloss for hours, increasing the moisture and protection for your lips while getting nice little boost to your pout. Women have rated this gloss as giving them as much as a 60% increase in lip volume.

A lip stain serves you well in certain situations, but overall moisture and shine keep your lips looking young and smooth.

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