Liquid Colloidal Silver

What is liquid colloidal silver? -- As a health advisor, people were always asking me for information on colloidal silver lotion, colloidal silver cures, or if colloidal silver is good for acne,psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.

First let’s find out what colloidal silver is.............

Wikipedia defines liquid colloidal silver as a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver.”

Another explanation of colloidal silver is that it’s a product that contains a concentration of silver proteins or silver compounds suspended in purified water.

The benefits of colloidal silver is it's powerful germicide and a natural antibiotic activities. It disables the enzyme that bacteria needs to multiply, therefore destroying bacterial cells.

It disables these cells by suffocated them and causing them to die -- unlike prescription antibiotics which destroys all enzymes, including beneficial ones.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver For Healthy Skin

As stated earlier, the main benefits of colloidal silver is it's anti-bacterial, antimicrobial effects. And while the studies on this effect are mixed; the testimonials are overwhelming ---

Mostly from those who have used colloidal silver topically for various skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis, athlete’s foot and even nail fungus.

That’s probably because all of these conditions were found to involve bacteria, fungus, or yeast – all which colloidal silver attacks and destroys.

There are several colloidal silver uses including topical application of colloidal silver lotions, salves, and soaps. At one time, colloidal silver was only available as a liquid, which meant you had to keep applying to the skin, because as soon as it dried, the bacterial killing benefits were gone.

Also, it was difficult apply a liquid to certain parts skin as it would just drip right off and much of it was wasted.

Liquid Colloidal Silver Salve - Recently, however, companies like Source Natural began marketing a Ultra Colloidal™ Silver Salve™ 10ppm 2 oz – great idea!

The salve contains stable silver particles in a moisturizing base which keep the silver in place and the application was kept moist for hours.

Source Natural's product is free of animal proteins or artificial additives. In addition, it contains sodium PCA which is a great humectant (drawing moisture from the air). And it contains lavender oil for extra anti-inflammatory benefits.

Liquid Colloidal Silver Soap - For extra anti-bacterial protection, consider washing the affected area with a special soap that contains colloidal silver

This will further help keep bacteria and fungus off the skin and help it heal. Heritage makes a colloidal silver soap that contains olive oil, coconut oil, and rosemary oil. So it’s very soothing and moisturizing.

Liquid Colloidal Silver Concentrate - This liquid colloidal silver lotion is great for small areas. Apply the super concentrated concentrated colloidal silver lotion to the back of a band aid and cover the affect area. For best results, reapply after a few hours.

True Colloidal Silver

There are many brands of colloidal silver on the market and many are inferior. You want to make sure the brand you choose is true colloidal silver containing the highest grade silver produced by electrical process to ensure minute and stable silver particles.

Also, make sure the product is in glass jar with a dropper, because plastic cannot preserver the silver for long periods of time. And finally, it should NOT re quire refrigeration, that means it’s not pure and has other ingredients that could spoil.

Liquid Colloidal Silver Studies

While there aren’t that many studies supporting colloidal silver there are some very interesting testimonials and great results -- proving the benefits.

Proponents claim that the lack of studies is due to the pharmaceutical companies wanted to push their “prescription antibiotics” and that used correctly, liquid colloidal silver is perfectly safe to use for humans and animals.

In the late 1970s, Dr. Robert Becker author of The Body Electric found that sliver ions help promote bone growth and kill surrounding bacteria.

During that same time, in an issue of Science Digest an article titled “Our Mightiest Germ Fighter” reported hat colloidal silver is turning out to be one of the "wonders of modern medicine." Silver has the potential to eliminate up to 650 different disease organisms, and best of all it's not toxic.

And Dr. Harry Margraf, a biochemist and silver colloidal researcher said "Silver is the best all-around germ fighter we have."

Warnings for Colloidal Silver

This warning is mostly for those who decide to ingest liquid colloidal silver. Studies have found that excess intake of improperly made silver products may result in argyria, a condition where the skin is discolored a blue/gray color.

This happens when too many large silver colloids are deposited into the skin and then darkened by sunlight. For best results it is important to follow the directions for colloidal silver dosage.

There have historically been some 200 reported cases of argria occurring from colloidal silver, including topical uses. Your best bet may be to follow the directions and stop using it when the condition clears up. If you have any further questions or you’re taking medication, notify your physician.

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