Low Ph balance soap

by Brent

I was told that the pH balance of my soap was causing a lot of my skin problems. And I think it's true. I always seem to have either oily skin or it's dry and flaky. But I can never seem to get it balanced. Also, I suffer from acne once in a while, not too bad, but enough to leave red marks on my skin after it's healed.

Why is it so hard to find a good soap to wash my skin? I just want to get it and keep it clean, but there seems to be so much confusion as to what is good for my skin. I don't even know what type of skin I have because it always seems to change. Of course the summer time is worse because of the heat and the use of more sunscreen than in the winter time.

How do I find a good low pH balance soap?

Hi Brent,

Thanks for your email regarding low pH balance soaps and facial wash. Yes, it does seem to be true that using a facial wash that is either too acidic (too low) or to alkaline (too high) can disrupt the skin's protective layer called acid mantle.

The skin's natural pH balance is between 4.5 to 5.5. So you don't want low pH - but a balanced pH rating. If your face feels tight after washing it......you probably used a cleanser that was not pH balanced. I spent years running for a moisturizer or a toner after washing my face. And, thought that maybe I had dry skin. So then I'd use products for dry skin and would breakout!! So frustrating!

It wasn't until I realized -or even paid attention to - the pH balance of a soap that I finally found some peace with my skin. I was using the wrong soap. Once you start using a pH balanced cleanser you'll see what I mean.

From what you mentioned, it sounds like you have combination skin - which is pretty common. A good scrub once in a while can help eliminate those dry patchy spots. You can make your own scrub using baking soda and water. Rub that paste all over your face and neck a few times a week.

Also, once a month or so depending on how bad the red blotchy spots are use an intensive facial to remove dead skin cells and blotchy skin.

Finally, here is a link to pH balanced cleansers that I use. There are 3 different types depending on your complexion type. low pH balance soap.

Hope this helps.

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