Microdermabrasion Machines - Affordable and Portable

Home Microdermabrasion machines are a great way to get anti-aging skin care in your own home......and the it's very inexpensive!

While there is a small initial investment the benefits really pan out in the long run.

Especially when you consider that just one professional microdermbrasion session can cost somewhere around two hundred dollars or more.............

This is an affordable alternative and a great way to keep up in-between treatments. And with regular use, the results get better and better.

See why Dr. Oz likes the PMD........

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Home Microdermabrasion Equipment

The equipment in your doctor’s office cost tens of thousands of dollars and around two hundred dollars per one treatment session. And, while professional dermabrasion treatments are more intense and do offer incredible results.......long term use of home microdermabrasion equipment can provide great results too.

And the reviews of the home machines are coming in strong, with women loving their microderm wands more than the doctor’s machines.

As Dr. Oz states - long term use of home microdermabrasion machines can be a good alternative to Botox injections for wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.

Does home microdermabrasion work? See my Before and After Pictures.

Dermabrasion has been been around for the last twenty years or so, and having been the exclusive realm of dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

But now home versions use the same super fine crystals of aluminum oxide to blast away the dull dead skin cells that lie on the surface of the face and body, allowing the glowing soft and supple, healthy skin that lies just below to come to the forefront.

It also helps to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, decreases the appearance of acne scars and helps to even out the skin tone, giving a smoother look to the skin.

Home Microdermabrasion treatment should be done once a week, for the first six to twelve weeks, for the best results, following the instructions in your kit, that comes with your equipment.

Remember to keep your home Microdermabrasion equipment scrupulously clean. It does your skin much to lift off the dead skin cells if you are just going to redeposit them on your skin again later.

Always remember to wash your face and dry it very well before treatment. And make sure to use a good moisturizer and sunscreen, as your skin will be rather sun sensitive. You may want to use a copper rich skin care system to help encourage skin cell renewal and collagen production.

Above all, don’t panic if your skin looks a bit pink right after your treatment. You have brought nourishing blood to the surface. This will go away in a few hours, as the blood vessels relax, under the skin’s surface.

The newest trend in home microdermabrasion equipment is the reusable aluminum oxide crystal discs.

The size of the wand and dics allows you to get closer to the areas of the face where you wouldn’t normally be able to abrade with the crystal type machines.

The home Microdermabrasion machines are here to stay. It is worth the investment in time and money.

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