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Looking for perfect skin tips? Who isn’t? We spend billions of dollars each year trying to improve our looks – mostly because it helps us feel better about ourselves and improves our confidence.

If you truly want beautiful skin, one of the most important perfect skin tips is to use follow three steps, wash, polish, hydrate.

Professional Skin Care Tips

Regardless of your skin type, there are a few professional skin care tips you can follow each day to get a smooth, clear, healthy complexion. Try to follow these simple tips for clear skin daily:

  • First – Use a pH balanced cleanser. Apply to dampen skin and use a cloth to rub gently and buff the skin. Then rinse
  • Second – Exfoliate. One of your best smooth skin tips is to invest in a good pH balanced organic renewing serum that helps to micro-peel and polish the skin.

    Also, it's been suggested that increasing cell turn over helps with collagen production and gets rid of dull, dead cells. Exfoliation is one of the quickest ways to improve your complexion - most people see a dramatic difference after just one treatment.

    When you use an exfoliating serum, apply a small amount onto a cotton pad and rub onto the face in a circular motion...…sort of buffing/polishing the skin. Your complexion will be super smooth and glowing and it will be able to absorb your moisturizer much better. This product is also excellent for scars, lines, and wrinkles.

  • Third – Moisturizer. After every wash and especially after exfoliating, always moisturize with a natural, nourishing moisturizer. Use an all-natural elixir moisturize that will help to rejuvenate your skin. The best is one that contains essential herbs and plant essences.

Other Smooth Skin Tips

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Other smooth skin tips to follow for beautiful skin include some basic steps that you probably already heard…but is worth repeating.

  • Stay hydrate. Drink at least eight glasses of water to keep your skin plump.
  • Stay away from the sun and use a sunscreen daily. Yes, we all know this, but you’d surprised how many people don’t use a sunscreen daily.

    Many only use a sunscreen when they plan on going to the pool or beach. But you do accumulate sun damage daily just from walking and even driving in your car.

  • Use ZENMED Organic Skin Products. ZENMED offers the highest quality skin care products……this is one of the best perfect skin tips you can follow. You can really improve the texture of your skin when you use their products daily.

    Remember, for most people beautiful skin does not occur on its own and if you happen to be one of the few lucky ones born with great skin - you still will need to follow some maintenance routine to keep it, especially as you age.

    It's essential to treat mature skin carefully. You should always strive to use products that are chemical free, high quality, gentle and effective.

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