Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Eye Treatment

by Sharon
(Washington, D.C.)

Peter Thomas Roth Reviews

Peter Thomas Roth Reviews

Peter Thomas Roth Reviews


I was wondering if you know anything about an anti-wrinkle serum for the eyes by Peter Thomas Roth. I know his products are usually pretty good, but before I spend $30.00 for a small tube I was wondering if it was any good.

I've tiny lines under my eyes and creams aren't doing anything to get rid of them.


Editor's Note Hi Sharon! Thanks for the great question.

Yes, I do know a little about the Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Instant Eye Serum.

It's supposed to lift sagging skin, reduce the puffy eyes and hide tiny "road map" lines under and around the eyes......

Just the kind of eye product I've been looking for all my life. :-)

So, I gave it a try and compared it to my current favorite eye lift serum - Easy Eye Solutions Instant Eye Tuck and Dark Circle Serum.

Attached is a picture showing the Peter Roth FirmX serum on my right eye (that's the one YOUR left).

My other eye contains the Easy Eye Solutions serum.

You see that whitish, powdery film under the eye (on your left).

So - Did the FirmX work to reduce lines and puffiness? Yes. But it was too drying and not comfortable.

And, of course, it didn't look right. People were always staring at the one eye. I finally couldn't stand the feel and washed it off.

The other eye (on your right) with the Easy Eye Solution serum felt soft and comfortable. And, it was line free and puff free.

So, I returned the Peter Thomas Roth product and got my money back.

For now, I'm very happy with the Easy Eye Solutions serum.

I hope this helps.

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