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Definition of Human Pheromone

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Pheromone Human Study indicates that our pheromone levels peak at around age 20.

After this age, our pheromone levels begin to decline. So why is this important?

Well according to research - the stronger the pheromones - the more attractive we are to the opposite sex.........But what is a pheromone?

Definition of Pheromones

We all have a personal scent or odor that originates from glands which are located at the bottom of hair follicles on the skin. These glands are most active in the genital and armpit areas.

While some of our attractiveness to others certainly comes through visual cues - human emotions are strongly influenced by scent. Our personal signature aroma (human pheromone) is just as important and can determine how others respond to you. It communicates desires and acts as a unique marker that people begin to recognize.

To understand the role of pheromones in human interactions it helps to know a little bit about these chemicals.....Click Here to Learn More....

Click Here for More Information on Pheromones

The word pheromones comes from Greek terms that mean to transport and stimulate.

Basically, no matter the creature, pheromones are chemicals released by our bodies that communicate something to another creature of the same species.

There are fear / alarm pheromones, passion / sex pheromones, and even aversion / warning pheromones. Current studies indicate that insects, mammals and even some plants have pheromone activity.

While there are many different types of pheromones, certain ones are specifically influence overall aromatic attractiveness of individuals. Pheromones have the most effect on others when there’s direct physical contact between individuals (holding hands, kissing, etc.)

Human Pheromones - Like a Fingerprint:

Pheromone human study determined that humans begin to recognize pheromones as infants, specifically the smell of their mother. Some pheromones signal our presence to each other. These require no direct contact, but the overall recognition ability increases the closer the proximity becomes.

Other pheromones stay close to our skin, like those that are tied to metabolism and sexuality. There’s a theory that couples have to adjust to each other pheromones in order to conceive successfully!

The Bonding Pheromone Power

Studies of the animal kingdoms show beyond any doubt that the stronger a person’s pheromones are the more attractive they become. Even without knowing pheromones also act on personal behavior. People who have healthy levels of pheromones tend to be more confident and carry themselves with assurance.

Some 1500 genes are dedicated to coding our sense of smell. Smells impact the emotional centers of the brain directly. A good example of this is when you cuddle a person’s shirt when they’re away – it’s a way of reconnecting with that person’s pheromonal imprint. With all this in mind it’s easy to see why pheromones are important to social interaction.

Unfortunately, the amount of pheromones we give off declines steadily as we age, meaning a little extra help from commercially produced pheromones wouldn’t hurt.

Do Pheromones Work and How Do I Apply Them?

You may wonder – do pheromones work? While the jury seems somewhat split on that topic. Researchers know that animal pheromones are the force that control social behavior and mating. They are now discovering that human behavior is also influenced by human pheromones.

The existence and power of pheromones have been featured in the news many time. Click on the link above to read articles from WebMD, Discover Health, and CNN. Just look for the section titled: In The News

How To Use Pheromones

In the beginning, start out with a small amount. Luv Essentials is a powerful pheromone containing 17.8 mg of total pheromone content......which is over three times the potency of most typical pheromones on the market.

Apply the pheromone to all the usually perfume spots like the wrist, behind the ears, throat. After you have tried them a few times and see the kind of reaction you receive from others, then try applying to different places like the elbows and knees or in warm places such as arm pits and chest area.

Popular pheromone human study suggests that the warmth from your body will release the scent more naturally. However be careful not to over-apply and staining of fine material.

You can also mix the unscented pheromones along with your favorite cologne or perfume.

Be Irresistible - Risk Free!

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