Looking for Pictures of Boils?

Check out these boils pictures below. Wow, look how different each one is. This is why, before trying any treatment option on your own..............................

Make sure you know what you have is really a boil and not something more serious which might require medical treatment.

Any speaking of treatments.............. there are plenty of natural remedies online to choose from.

You'll find a variety of treatment options - from homemade to over-the-counter choices below.

pictures of boils 1
pictures of boils 2

While the two photos above look more like mosquito bite, than boil, these is what they generally look like in the early stage..........usually before infection sets in.

pictures of boils 3

Unlike the first two boil pictures - in this closeup shot you can see the yellow/whitish center. This is where the infectious pus builds-up once the boil's become inflamed -- This is also where infection fighting white blood cells pool too.

At this stage, it's probably very sensitive or painful.

And when the infected cyst is located in between skin folds or body parts that rub against clothing - like boils on the buttocks.....................

The abscess becomes even larger, more inflamed, and more painful. It's a vicious cycle...........

Should You Bust a Boil?

Well, it really depends on the situation, where it's located, and how infected it is. Keep in mind, that white/yellow center is filled with infected pus.

So when you lance or pop it, that infection can spread to other areas - which can be a problem.......especially for abscess boils.

So, if you're interested in home treatment of boils, be careful not to let the pus spread and make sure to clean the area well.

pictures of boils 4

The photo above is actually a picture of a blister - not a boil.

Generally, these are easy to lance with a sterile needle and generally, there is no infection inside....just fluid.

So you can't always rely on pictures to figure out what type of condition you have.............

That's why it's always important to check with your doctor if you're not sure or you're having other symptoms.

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