Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Plastic surgery always has risk – even if you have the best surgeon in the field.

There is never a guarantee on the results as everyone heals differently. People seek out plastic surgeons for a wide variety of reasons.

It’s estimated that No matter the motivation, bad plastic surgery results can happen.

Just because celebrities are getting plastic/cosmetic procedures doesn’t mean we should rush into it without properly understanding the dangers.

Drawbacks & Dangers: Plastic Surgery Nightmares

While these problems are not exactly a nightmare - they can cause anguish for some....

After recovery people may find themselves disconnected with the image in the mirror, and regret having made the changes.

The psychological impact of a procedure is one well worth considering before taking any steps toward elective plastic/cosmetic alterations.

The goal of having a procedure is self-improvement, but even with on-going advancements in technology - it isn’t a perfected art.

Some results will be poor, or worse have complications that make healing painful and the final outcome less than acceptable. Some of the risks that can lead to a plastic/cosmetic nightmares include:

  • Excessive Scarring - If a surgeon misjudges a situation, or if the incisions for the procedure aren’t well planned, scarring may become an issue.

    While this can often be corrected, the cost and emotional impact is nothing less than distressing. Tuck procedures and implants have the greatest risk for ugly obvious scarring.

  • Bleeding – while some bleeding is expected - excessive blood clotting can disrupt good circulation and delay proper healing.

    The more the clotting grows the greater the swelling and numbness as well. In turn, clotting increases the chance of infections at a time when you’re already more susceptible.

    Note that a reputable plastic surgeon will typically prescribe antibiotics before and after the procedure to help avoid this possibility.

  • Necrosis - tissue death happens when dermis doesn’t get oxygen (see bleeding). Note that smokers are in greater danger of Necrosis.

  • Nerve Damage - improper cutting can leave a patient with tingling, weakness or numbness. This may go away on its own, but more serious cases require reconstruction to repair.

  • Anesthesia issues - some people do not respond well to anesthesia, but this is a relatively rare risk.

Despite these dangers of plastic/cosmetic alterations - over 350,000 people sought out facelifts in 2007 alone!

It seems even the stories of various nightmares are not enough to make some people think twice before going under the knife.

Do not let yourself become a victim of plastic/cosmetic nightmares. Become a smart, educated consumer, and find trustworthy services.

Cosmetic Surgery – Know Before You Go

In addition to selecting a board certified qualified surgeon - is very important to be up front and totally honest with your doctor.

Let him know of any medical problems you may have or of any supplements and medications you are taking. And, follow his directions before and after the operation.

Also, before going under the knife consult with an Award Winning Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. James Barber, who has broken ranks with doctors in his field and tells all about the secrets of cosmetic procedures and educates patients on how to make the best choices and save them money.

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