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Prescriptives makeup is probably most famous for its custom blending options. What a great way to find makeup that fits your skin tone exactly than to custom blend your own foundation and Powder.

But what many people don’t realize is that Prescriptives sells skin care and fragrances too. They offer a line of antioxidant based eye creams and moisturizers for extra sensitive skin. And a wonderful Eau De toilette spray that blends passion fruit, papaya, and guava.

Ok, so what’s your favorite Prescriptives product? The All Skins Mineral makeup? The Lavish lipstick, or the fabulous Camouflage Full Coverage kit. For me it’s the Prescriptives Anywear Multi Purpose Makeup Stick

This one seems to last forever during the hot summer months, and yet it keeps my skin hydrated during the dry winter months too.

Prescriptives Coupon Code

I get emails weekly from women asking me for if I know where they can get a Prescritives coupon code – Well Prescriptives is not an expensive line of makeup.

And, on top of that I found a fabulous website called StrawberryNet that not only sells discounted Prescriptives makeup, but hundreds of other designer makeup and fragrances.

And, the best part is shipping is always free world wide. StrawberryNet offers designer skin care, makeup, haircare, womens fragrances, men’s skin care and all kinds of gifts and specials.

Don’t forget to try Prescriptives lip gloss. This lip gloss uses advanced pigment technology that optimizes light reflection for a super shinny/shimmery look.

If you have thin lips – this lip gloss adds some volume and makes your lips look just lushes….Click here to read more: Prescriptives Moonbeam Reflective Gloss

So be sure to visit StrawberryNet for great deals on Prescriptives Makeup and other great designer cosmetics like Clinique Cosmetics, and much more.

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