Preventing Razor Bumps

Did you know that preventing razor bumps is easy if you have the right product?

Regardless if you’re a man or a woman, daily shaving can leave your skin irritated, even if you use the most expensive shaver for sensitive skin.

Bottom line? Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair Can Leave You With Unwanted Skin Irritation!!!! But you can avoid this irritation and improve your shaving results with a simple and soothing skin spray.

We all have some places on our body that grow unwanted hair. Good thing is we have ways of removing that hair. Bad thing is that even the best methods can result in shaving bumps and inflamed irritated skin. Razor bumps and burn are a reality for many. Same is true for the sensitive red sore skin that can come from depilatory creams, sugaring or waxing.

Firmer View is an excellent skin spray that soothes and helps prevent irritating sensitive skin and razor or waxing bumps and burn.

Preventing razor bumps is a common problem for many of you who have had sensitive skin. However, a great majority of you have just unknowingly created those red blotches, irritations, bumps and burn from doing the wrong things. So now you suffer with that not so great look and feel commonly known as the Ouch Factor. Firmer View skin spray can get the Ouch Out and help get back the smooth even calm skin you want to see and feel.

How To Prevent Razor Bumps - Shaving Tips for Smooth Skin

Whatever hairs you want to remove make sure that the skin underneath is soft and moist. Please never shave dry skin because that's a sure way to nick and irritate. You don't have to needlessly spend on special shaving creams; but on a daily basis you do need to keep your skin in good condition. Preventing razor bumps is easy if you follow a few simple steps:

  • One way to condition your skin is prevent dead skin build up. A great way get rid of dead skin is to gently exfoliate with a soft natural bristle bath brush. Lightly brush your skin (always towards your heart) a few times a week but not on the days you are going to shave. This will provide a smooth shaving surface.
  • A dull razor is a sure way to irritate and create sensitive inflamed skin and ingrown hairs. Don't keep using razors that have lost their sharp edge. Throw out those old razors or dull cartridges before they cause razor bumps and burn. And since we are all so wonderfully different, experiment and find a razor that works for you.
  • When you are finished shaving whatever body area dry your skin and spray it with

    Preventing Razor Bumps and Waxing Burns.

    Let's talk a bit about waxing. Is there an Ouch Factor here? Oh ouch yeah! This semi- permanent (2 to 3 weeks before new growth) procedure should be performed by a licensed cosmetologist.

    It works well because the entire hair shaft is pulled from below the skin's surface and there may be some truth that repeated waxing results in permanently reducing unwanted hair.

    As for the down side ---it can be painful and very painful in sensitive areas. And yes waxing can leave you with bumps and burn and ingrown hairs ----Again used regularly before and after this procedure can help eliminate negative results.

    Good grooming is not gender specific. Everyone deserves the skin they want to see and feel. So if unwanted hair hides the view you want --Get Rid of It!

    Having said that I want you to remember that as with all procedures there is preparation and after care. Be good to yourself and your skin daily. Eliminate irritated sensitive blotched skin, ingrown hairs and razor or wax bumps and burn with Firmer View Skin Spray. With Firmer View you will get the look you want and as we like to say--Sooth Your Smooth!

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