Providence Cosmetic Surgeon Directory

The Providence Cosmetic Surgeon Directory provides a list of plastic surgery doctors in the Providence Rhode Island area. Cosmetic surgery can turn back the hands of time, correct deformities, and help restore and increase a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

Please note - none of the doctors on this list or any other surgery directory has been reviewed by our staff. Please make sure you thoroughly investigate them before making a selection.

Also, read about plastic surgery complications so you have an idea of the possible problems that may accompany any type surgery.

Whether you’re interested in basic cosmetic facelift surgery or extreme plastic surgery, hopefully to find a doctor to fit your needs in this list. Also, make sure to ask about the newest knife-free stem cell facelift procedure.

A stem cell facelift is a procedure where the surgeon injects stems cells from your own fat - which can be liposuctioned out from your own body....another benefit of this procedure! The stem cells are separated from the fat and injected into the face using very fine needles or cannulas.

This procedure is great for plumping up and increasing firmness in the face and lifts sagging skin. You can even rejuvenate hard to fix areas like the tops of the hands and the neckline. The best part is - no scars and cutting. The main side effect is swelling in the area injected which may last a few weeks.

Doctors have also used this technique to reshape and sculpt the face....i.e. removing excess fat from the chin and injected it into the cheek area to create more fuller, higher cheeks.

Use this directory wisely and make sure to fully investigate your plastic surgery doctor along with the cost of plastic surgery and ask about the best options financing for cosmetic surgery.

Providence Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Nilton Medina, MD
593 Eddy Street
(401) 444-8450

Dr. Donovan Rosas, MD
593 Eddy Street
(401) 444-8450

Lee E. Edstrom, MD, FACS
2 Dudley St. Ste. 460
Providence RI 02905

Dr. Goldstein
Costal Plastic Surgery Center

120 Dudley st.
Ste 201
Providence, RI 02905

Harold E Beam, MD
300 Hebron Ave Ste 101
Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033

Cynthia Poulos, MD
Classique Medical Spa

17 South ST
Northborough, Massachusetts 01532

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