Reduce Large Pores

Ok, so you want to know how to reduce large pores? Well, your not alone. This is a question everybody asks -- because we're obsessed with large facial pores. And rightfully so – when pores are minimized and tight, our skin looks young, smooth, and flawless.

If you’re not convinced of our obsession with large pores, just take a look at the skin care section of your local drugstore. There are tons of products aimed at reducing enlarged pores.

Many of them claim to “shrink large pores” – however, that doesn’t really happen. You can’t really “shrink” your pores. But you can help minimize them by keeping them clean. Follow some pretty simple steps.

What Causes Large Pores?

There are many reasons for enlarged pores, but the four main, and most common, factors are:

  • Genetics - Some people genetically have thicker, oilier skin with large pores. And chance are other people in your family have the same condition have large pores too.
  • Sun Damage – Over the years, sun damaged skin tends to thicken which causes skin cells to collect around the perimeter of the pores – making them look larger and more noticeable.
  • Aging – Along with too many birthdays there is a natural decrease in collagen production and skin elasticity -- causing the skin to sag and the pores to dilate.
  • Blackheads - When pores become clogged with dirt, oil, and bacteria, it causes the diameter of the pore to expand making it more noticeable .

Why Do We Have Facial Pores

As much as we may hate them, pores serve an important role in skin physiology. Without pores, your natural oils wouldn’t be able to reach the surface of your skin and there would be no place for hair to grow out of…..all of which help to moisturizer, lubricate, and protect our skin.

A pore is a tiny opening of the hair follicle on the surface of our skin. While the hair follicle goes deep into the dermis, the sebaceous glands (sebum or skin oil) lies midway in the dermal layer.

How Do I Reduce Large Pores?

I found a quick and very inexpensive way to shrink and reduce large pores and getting tight smooth skin at the same time.

Although, there are many professional ways you have your pores reduced and cleaned, like microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing.....

But if you're on a tight budget -- like most of us these days --I highly recommend AHA/BHA Complex. Not only does it keep my pores clean and tight, but it helps slough off dead skin and promote collagen production.

Plus, it very easy to use. Just pore a small amount on a cotton ball and buff your skin clean. Make sure to get in between the nose and cheek area...where you see the most blackheads and large pores.

reduce large facial pores

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