Revitol Facial Wrinkle Treatment

revitol wrinkle treatment

Is Revitol Facial Wrinkle Treatment really good at getting rid of wrinkles?

I’ve received tons of emails from upset customers asking why I haven’t include Revitol facial wrinkle treatment cream on the Wrinkle Cream Reviews pages.

I had no idea that this cream really worked as well as the company claims – until I did a little investigating.

Both men and women have commented on this product line and the feedback and reviews were overwhelming! 

The benefits of Revitol face wrinkle treatment are so compelling that most people – once they try it – become customers for life.

Some say that they’ve seen such a transformation in their skin, it’s as if they’ve had a mini-face lift

How Does Revitol Facial Wrinkle Treatment Work?

Revitol contains some pretty powerful ingredients which are expensive so most manufactures only use small amounts which is why most face wrinkle creams don’t work.

Some of the most effective and expensive ingredients in Revitol include:

  • Argireline. Argireline is an amino acid that lifts and tightens the skin while relaxing facial muscles (like Botox) so the skin (especially around the eyes, forehead, and mouth) isn’t able to wrinkle due to facial tension.
  • DMAE – Studies show that DMAE is also a powerful antioxidant and helps to stabilize cell membranes, reinforcing the skin’s foundation of collagen. DMAE also helps to kee the cells hydrated and promote skin firmness. As we age, our levels of DMAE fall dramatically. DMAE also helps to heal scars and best of all, it flushes excess lipofuscin from our skin cells. Lipofuscin is what causes age spots – like brown spots and white spots – the face and hands.
  • Pentacare NA - Pentacare NA is an advanced skin tightener. It was originally developed as a substitute for serum albumen – which was previously extracted from cow’s blood, but due to mad cow disease, researchers looked for an alternative source. They found a source from plants such as carob and found this extract to be even more effective for skin tightening than serum albumen.
  • Skin Tightener ST – Skin Tightener ST is a propriety blend of marine products like kelp and herbal ingredients that firm up skin and reduce wrinkles by enhancing the synthesis of collagne I, III, and fironectin. It also contains Acety Hexapeptide-3 with acts as a gentle Botox relaxing facial muscles that contribute to wrinkle formation.

Revitol Facial Wrinkle Treatment 3 Step Process

One bottle of Revitol Facial Wrinkle Treatment cream is like have 3 separate treatments in one bottle.

Step 1: Revitol Is An Anti-Wrinkle Complex – Ingredients like Skin Tightener ST,Pentacare NA, and Argireline help relax facial muscles and firm-up the skin which leads to a reduction of wrinkles almost immediately and better results over the long term.

Step 2: Revitol Is A Hydration Treatment - DMAE helps cells live longer and prevent dehydration. Hyaluronic acid lubricates the skin and increase collagen for more moisture retention.

Step 3: Revitol Is A Moisturizing Treatment - Squalene, Shea Butter, Evening Primrose, and Vitamin E oil, help keep the skin lubricated, moisturized and prevent dry, itching skin.

This facial cream does not skimp on these potent ingredients which is probably why it has gotten such rave reviews.

Try This Facial Wrinkle Treatment For Free

Right now there is a limited a risk free trial offer. The manufacture is so sure that everyone will love this product, they’re offering it for Free -- just pay for shipping and handling.

If after 21 days, you’re not happy with the product, just contact customer service and tell them.

Click here to read more about what people call the Revitol Botox Alternative!

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