Upper and lower eyelid swollen in morning

Every morning when I first wake up, both my upper and lower eyelid is swollen and puffy.

When I first got the serum I put it on both upper and lower lids. Now it does help reduce the look of baggy eyes for my bottom lids, but doesn't really do much for the upper.

So I found that putting a cool teaspoon over my upper lid for a few minutes and then applying a little bit of darker eye shadow helps make my upper eyes look less puffy.

So now that's my morning routine.

Also, I use the Illuminator cream for my lower eyes and upper cheek area because it makes me look more awake.

I still use my regular moisturizer, then apply the Illuminator cream on top. All in all, I'm happy with the product.


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Dec 04, 2013
use the instant puffy eye serum at night?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I read some posts on the forum called EES and several women on that forum suggested using the Instant Eye Tuck Serum at night before going to bed if you normally wake up with really puffy or heavy eye bags.

I tried that a few months ago and it works well. In fact, I use it nightly right after
I wash my face and put on my night moisturizer.

It really does help reduce the puffiness in the morning (although I still have some bags under my eyes when I first wake up) but it does help me.

I’ve even tried it on my upper lids, even though Linda – the customer service rep for Easy Eye Solutions said that’s it wasn’t designed to work on the upper eye lids.

She said something about it being to heavy for the skin on the upper lids, but I don’t understand what that means……isn’t the skin on the lower lids just as delicate and thin too?

If it works on the lowers, why not the uppers? Well, anyway, I use it on my upper lids and I think it does help a bit.
Thanks for listening

Aug 30, 2012
prevent puffy eyes - used it at night.
by: Theresa

Well, I used it as a night time treatment because I always wake up with really puffy eyes. When I got up this morning, my eyes looked much better.

Don't know if it's a fluke or what, but I will try it again for a few weeks and see what happens. They have 30 day money back guarantee right?

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