What hyaluronic acid serum do you use?

by Valerie
(Miami, Fl.)

I've seen articles about hyaluronic acid serum and creams lately.

Is there something new going on? I tried hyaluronic acid a few years back.

I think I saw something about on the Dr. Oz show.

Anyway, I never noticed anything significant enough to make me keep using it.

So I was just wondering why it is back in the anti-aging skin care news again?


Editor’s Note:
Hi Valerie,

Thanks for your question concerning hyaluronic acid products.

I tried a couple of different brands a few years back and was never too impressed either. In fact, I found some of the creams were too greasy for my complexion.

Not sure why it’s in the news again, but there is a new hyaluronic acid serum/Omega 3 rich cream combination product that's being marketed by a company called Zenmed.

This company is known for their gentle anti-aging skin care products...........especially for those who suffer from rosacea, eczema, acne scars along with sagging and wrinkles.

I tried their Hyaluronic Acid Anti-Aging Duo and love it. It’s all I use as a moisturizer (that includes my day & night time cream) too.

I don't know what they did to make their product different than the others, but it’s not only helps to increase moisture and lift sagging skin, but it’s supposed to be very helpful for irritated sensitive skin, ruddiness, and broken capillaries.

I saw a difference right away – in terms of firmness and lift. The main thing I noticed was a softening of tiny lines and the area around my nose and mouth look a bit firmer/lifted.

Be careful where you shop for this product. Some websites are charging over $ 100.00 for the kit!!

I got it for less than $70.00 along with FREE SHIPPING here…… Zenmed Anti-Aging Duo

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