Wrinkle Filler -- Try a Little Dermal Deception

Have you ever tried a wrinkle filler or lifting serum? If you did, you probably were disappointed and experienced the same thing I did.....just a sticky drying feeling with no lift or improvement for under eye wrinkles?

get rid of wrinkles

The areas that always bothered me were the under eye wrinkles. And even though I tried products that were specifically targeted as under eye treatments or fillers - really nothing worked.

Until recently..........then I tried a antiaging-care facial product serum - and I love it! I first saw it advertised on OPRAH show.

Many other fillers I've tried were either too drying, too sticky, or too tight. Sometimes they were really shiny which drew even more attention to that area or turned white and caked up.

How This Filler Works and Why I Love It

What I love about this line filler is that it's super hydrating – causing a slight plumping effect, so I get nice hydration -- but not greasy. It dries to a smooth matte finish.

So I have the best of both worlds – moisture and hydration, but without that shiny greasy look. Hence the term “dermal deception”. This little filler product should have made the consumer reports anti-wrinkle creams top ten review!

And, it gets better -- this product contains great natural ingredients and antioxidants. I have two jars, one I keep in my make-up draw and one in my purse….I love it!!

Here is a tip for even better results.

  • On a clean dry face, apply a thin layer of the serum all around the eye area (under and above).
  • You can also apply it around the nose and mouth area to fill-in and flatten those nasal labial folds and don't forget the neck area too.
  • Then lay down for about 15 minutes or so.
  • The shine disappears and it takes on smoother tighter look. Now you're ready to put on makeup if want.

  • This is not just an eye wrinkle cream, it can be used anywhere on the face where you have dry, fine lines that you want to mask and fill-in -- I really love this product and I think you will too.

    While this filler will temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles, consider improving your complexion with anti aging skincare products like face exercises to actually help build collagen,and firm facial muscles which helps with sagging.

    But no matter what, this little bottle of instant lifting serum will definitely be part of anti-aging care filler......especially when I travel or stay up late and need to look great the next day.

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