Wrinkles Around Mouth - What Are Your Options

Do you have vertical lines and wrinkles around mouth and lip area? It happens to all of us eventually.

Well actually, it happens to women more often than men. Why? Well there are several factors including:

  • thinner skin
  • fewer oil glands in the lip area
  • fewer blood vessels

Other Reasons for Lines Around Mouth Area

Life-style factors also play a role in developing mouth wrinkles. Of course, you probably already know about these…………..smoking, UV damage from too much sun exposure, and some people suggest that waxing the upper lip might cause wrinkles due to constant pulling and tugging – which can cause the formation of vertical lines and sagging.

Fillers and Botox for Wrinkles Around Mouth

Botox - If you have mouth wrinkles then you are probably aware of non-surgical ways to remove them. For example, a small amount of botox injected into the upper lip area can be helpful for dynamic wrinkles by preventing too much movement in that area.

Fillers – like Juvederm and Restylane can be helpful for filling in deeper wrinkles and vertical lines, but won’t affect the contracting muscles that caused the wrinkles in the fir place. That is why some physicians will use a combination of both Botox and fillers.

Unfortunately, due to excess movement in the mouth area and the fact that only a small amount of injectables can be injected at a time………these options are usually a short-term solution.

A more permanent option includes skin resurfacing like dermabrasion, laser, and chemical peels. This type of treatment helps permanently reduce lines and wrinkles by destroying the top layers of the skin.

Once the skin heals exposing fresh new skin…..your mouth area will look smoother and less wrinkled. Your physician will help you decide which treatment or treatments are best for your individual situation.

Retin-A is another great option, but may take a few months to see dramatic results.....compared to skin resurfacing or Botox and fillers.

Retin-A is a prescription cream that encourages skin cell regeneration and collagen production. This means that new skin cells replace older wrinkled skin cells more quickly. Over time, this can help reduce the dry wrinkled skin around the mouth.

However, regardless of whether you opt for peels or Retin-A - diligent use of a good sunscreen is a must. Also, you should try to avoid the sun as much as possible.

Other Options for Wrinkles Around Mouth

If you’re looking for less expensive options for treating mouth wrinkles here are a few you can try. First, make sure to exfoliate and hydrate your skin.

Exfoliating before applying a good moisturizer helps ensure that the moisturizer is able to penetrate the skin better. While this may not physically get rid of wrinkles, it can help soften the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

If you cannot get prescription Retin-A or cannot tolerate the side effects of Retin-A, try Retinol creams. Retinol comes from a vitamin A and can help with skin care and aging without the side effects of Retin-A….however, the results might be a little slower.

One of the most popular types of retinol creams are the Green Cream Retinols – which come in different strengths. You can learn more about the different types of retinol.

Face Exercises – Facial exercises are very effective in reducing wrinkles around mouth and even preventing new ones from developing.

In addition, exercises can prevent the natural muscle shrinkage that occurs as we age. And toning muscles of the face and mouth indirectly helps your body create new elastic fibers-- giving your skin/face a firmer, smoother look.

And performing these exercises along with anti-aging creams can promote even better results.

Here is one sample excises to help reduce lines around the mouth and lip area. Try it for a few months and see what results you get. It's cheaper than non-surgical procedures and permanent -- as long as you continue to perform the exercises a few times a week.....

  • Place your middle and index finger tips - from each hand - on top of each side of your lip. Rest your thumbs under your chin. Now curl your upper lip down over your top teeth. Then slide your fingers down your lips towards the corner of your mouth, counting to 5.Repeat 10 times.

  • Repeat this same procedure for your lower lip but this time before sliding your fingers to the corners of your mouth - curl your bottom lip up over your bottom teeth.

  • Want to see more sample exercises? Click here....Facial Exercises Sample Video.

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