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March 03, 2016

Hemorrhoid Cream for Puffy Eyes?

WHAT? You want me to put hemorrhoid cream where?

Yes, you've probably heard it before...........people using hemorrhoid cream for puffy eyes. Actually it was mostly famous with models and celebrities.

The theory is that if hemorrhoid cream can help reduce inflammation and swollen tissues - well, umm, you know down there - why wouldn't it work as an anti-puffy under eye treatment?

Does it work?

I have seen hundreds of Youtube videos that show you how to apply hemorrhoid cream to the under eye area and hundreds of websites that say it really works.

But I have yet to meet anyone that can actually prove to me that it really works and show me before and after pictures!

So, being plagued with puffy eyes all my life, I decide to try it. I bought Preparation H hemorrhoidal cream and smoothed it all over just one eye.

I left it on for a an hour or so - which wasn't pleasant. The cream is very greasy and between my body warmth and my eye movements - the cream crept up and got into my eyes - several times!

But, in the end, there was no change in the under eye swelling.

But wait, the formula changed..

I was frustrated! Why was there so much information about hemorrhoidal cream being a viable treatment for under eye puffiness if it didn't work?

After much research, I learned that the formula used many years ago has changed. Supposedly, Preparation H used to contain an ingredient that was known to reduce inflammation.

So I had lots of questions, like:

Is this why hemorrhoidal creams no longer help reduce puffy eyes?

What was the main ingredient in the original formula?

Where can you get the original formula and does that work better?

Click here to read about my experience using the original Preparation H formula for puffy eyes treatment and what works for me.

Until next month stay healthy and strong.



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