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UPDATED -- Sunscreen Causes Cancer? NewsLetter
May 21, 2010

Sunscreen Causes Cancer- Sunscreen Dangers


There was a glitch in the The Dangers of Sunscreen article in the previous newsletter and many people could not open the link to read it.

I apologize for this computer is now fixed and I'm resending this portion of the newsletter again.....

Sunscreen Causes Cancer? Sunscreen Dangers

Yes, you read the headline correctly! There is some new research suggesting that certain sunscreens may cause cancer! Researchers from the University of California suspect that certain commonly used chemicals found in most popular commercial sunscreens may actually cause skin cancer.

In addition, they suspect that some sunscreen products may not protect us against certain cancers- like basal cell carcinoma or melanoma…..very popular skin cancers. Does your sunscreen contain one or more of these suspecting chemicals? To read more about safe sunscreens and sunscreen dangers ….click here Sun Safety - What’s The Best Sunscreens.

Skin Cancer Warning Signs

Speaking of skin cancer, do you know the warning signs. There are numerous skin condition pictures and skin cancer photos….from moles that have a crusty top to freckles that change shape, color, or size. Click here to read more on Skin Cancer Warning Signs and to see Pictures of Skin Cancer.

Until next month.......keep exercising your mind, body, and face. Stay healthy and strong.



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