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May 09, 2014
side effect of cloben g
by: sisira

I've been using Cloben G for 15 yrs now want to stop but my skin developed rashes after I stopped using it for 5 days.

What should I have to do now?

Editor's Note: Cloben-G cream an topical antifungal, antiparasite drug.

Unfortunately, I'm not a doctor and cannot advise on what to do about your side effect from Cloben G.

However, I strongly suggests that you see your doctor.

From what I understand Cloben G is prescribed to relieve itching from a variety of skin disorders like eczema, allergies, or fungal infections of the skin.

The most common side-effect is dryness and irritation.

Some things to consider:

If you regularly suffer from fungal infections you might want to consider using probiotic supplements (like acidophilus) or try eating more yogurt and fermented foods.

Acidophilus helps promote good bacteria in the intestines. Research indicates that promoting the good bacteria helps reduce the incidence of skin disorders (like eczema) and certain allergies and asthma.

Aug 26, 2011
Natural Ways to Control Oily Skin

I have a lots of pimples and my skin is very oil. I have used Cloben-g,Ben-gel,Fudic Acid Cream,Acne-star gel,per-sol Ac 5gel but they're not working please help me


When you said the above products didn't work, how so? Did they work at first, did the breakouts subside, did they work fine for a few weeks then just suddenly stop working?

If so, that's a classic symptom of rebounding. That's when a product works for a few weeks, then stops and sometimes the skin gets worse.

This is usually the result of using a product that was too harsh for your skin type. Just because your skin looks oily, doesn't mean you can treat it with just any harsh, drying product.

It's possible that your skin is dehydrated, sensitive, or it cannot tolerate some very common acne ingredients like benzoyl peroxide...which is effective but not everyone can tolerate it.

I'm not familiar with the products you mentioned above, but it could be that you just need to tailor one of those product to your own skin needs.

For example, always use a moisturizer (oil free) to hydrate the skin - especially if you're using an oil reducing acne prevention product.

Also, always start out using the most gentle acne product - don't go for the most aggressive one. And, always reduce or cut back if you see signs of irritation or distress. The product could be good, but just a bit too strong for your particular skin type.

Some people need to start with a smaller amount or only use it once a day, or only apply it directly on the breakout areas.....unfortunately, it is a bit of trial and error.

Also, if you can determine what type of skin you have and use products tailored for that skin type, you might have better success.

There are acne product lines that make different formulas to treat oily, dry, combination, or mature skin (yes, people in the 30s, 40s, and 50s suffer from breakouts too).

I hate to recommend yet another product, but at least read the thoughts behind using acne products geared toward your skin type.

Click here: Derma Cleanse System and scroll down until you see all the different acne therapies for different skin types.

If you don't want to try these, consider trying the ones you have at home now....but start out slowly, apply to the breakout area only, and make sure you moisturize with an oil free moisturizer.

Some people have good results with just plain aloe vera.

I hope this information helps. Again, it sometimes takes a bit trial and error or tweaking your routine to get it just right for your skin needs.

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