Question on how to use the puffy eye serum

by Jennifer


I tried the puffy eye serum you recommend and really like it.

I was wondering if it's ok to use it on my upper lids?

It doesn't say anything about the upper lids on the instructions, so I thought I'd check first.

It seems to smooth the skin and tiny lines right under my eyes.

I tap it on all along the under eye area and bring it all the way up to the lower eye lid.

I thought if it worked there why not on the upper lids?


Hi Jennifer,

Yeah, it's good stuff isn't it? :-)

I've tried it on the upper lids but didn't see much improvement there.

I think it could be due to the creasing of the upper lids. You can however - apply it to the crow's feet area. It helps to mask and smooth the area.

Also, I was told that some women apply it at night it can help reduce the morning puffiness.

Click here for more info and to watch a video on how it works.

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Dec 04, 2013
Easy Eye Solution Instant Eye Tuck serum
by: Anonymous

I have to admit, I didn’didn't like the eye tuck serum when I first got it.

But, I contacted their customer service person, Linda and asked for advice….well first I asked for a refund, but she said she’d like to help me to get it work for me.

Apparently, I was using wayyyyyy too much. And, would always have this flaking, peeling white stuff at the outer corners of my eyes.

When I reduced the amount that helped. Also, make sure you let your moisturizer or sunscreen settle in first.

I think my sunscreen was causing problems because it’s so greasy. I use a really high SPF sunscreen with moisturizers in it.

I like that type because my skin is so dry and here in Canada, it gets really cold and dry during the winter.
So, what I do now is put on all my creams and sunscreens.

Put on all my makeup, dry and style my hair and do everything else I have to do in the morning….then right before I go out the door, I swipe a tiny amount under each eye and go.

Works perfectly! I have the sample bottle (the small size one) and keep it in my purse in case I need it. But, really it lasts all day for me.

Jun 08, 2013
It's like a girdle for the flabby skin under your eyes!
by: Anonymous

It's like a girdle for the flabby skin under your eyes!

Thanks for that explanation! That's a good one :-)

May 23, 2013
Use the eye serum at night for best results
by: Val

Hi All,

Just wanted to chime in here. I use the EES serum at night and the illuminator cream and the serum again in the morning.

Put the illuminator (which is like a highlighter hydrating moisturizer eye cream on first) then apply the puffy eye serum after that.

I have puffy eyes, little tiny wrinkles, and some dark circles and this combo works really well for me.

I got mine at this site puffy eyes serum.

Hope this helps ya'll....

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