please tell me how to prevent wrinkles

Please tell me how I can prevent wrinkles?,


Thanks for your question. The most important tip to help prevent or slow the formation of wrinkles and fine lines is to keep building collagen.

Our collagen production slows down as we age, so to keep this process going is an important and challenging task.

My 2 favorite tips to keep collagen production going is to:

1. Use the antiaging antiwrinkle care skin facial. This simple 2 step facial provides quality spa like results at home for a very affordable price. It helps to reduce the signs of aging like sun spots, blotchy skin, fine lines and even scars.

2. While I always love Copper peptide creams to reduce wrinkles and help build collagen. I have recently found a newer peptide ingredient that seems to work even's called Matrixyl Palmitoyl Pentpeptide-3 that has been shown to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in as little as 6 months. It also contains stem cells with bind to your skin cells to help repair and regenerate them.
Click here to read about this new Peptide ingredient

Hope this helped....

Linda, admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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Wrinkled Neck What Will Work?

by Marie J.

Hi Linda,

My mom is only 45 years old and has a very wrinkled neck. She is so self conscience about it and I know it makes her depressed.

What would you suggest? She can't afford surgery so please don't recommend that. I'd like to buy her a really good cream or something that will really, really work.

Please help!

Hi Marie,

That is so sweet of you to think of your mother. The first thing that came to mind when I read your email is......face exercises!

Age 45 or so is a great time to get a handle on skin/face aging before it gets worse -- and it will...not matter how well you take care of yourself.

Even if you've had or plan on getting plastic surgery, your skin and face continues to age. That is why so many Hollywood celebs get several face lifts, because surgery won't stop aging.

But, facial exercising does.
You can not only stop aging of the face, but return back to a younger look.

Carolyn, the creator of Carolyn's Facial Fitness looks younger now at 64 than she did in her late 50's!

Plus, she is offering a discount and FREE SHIPPING during the holiday. This would be a good time to get something that will help your mother look good for many years to come.

Enter the code CELEBRATE30

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Wrinkly Neck Skin at 47 years

by Thomas

HI, Im a 47 year male fair complexion and have been sunburned many times and rarely wore suntan lotion. I will begin now wearing a good suntan lotion. Please recommend one.

I recently lost about 20 lbs of weight I put on after 40. Never noticed fine wrinkles until now after weight loss. There were some rings in my neck that have gone away since the weight loss.

Now I have a bit of drooping neck in certain positions, that im not too concerned about because i can exercise it as its in beginning stage.

What im slightly obsessed and panicky with these last several days is the fine and not so fine wrinkles that run vertical down my neck and are more apparent depending on position i have my neck.

Boy and i thought when my eyes began to sag with the hoods at 41 that was bad.

This definitely shows the age now. Any natural oil solutions at lowest cost possible to hydrate/moisturize,etc.

What about the 40% to 70% acid peel. What can I do to get rid of them wrinkles w/out surgery or at least get rid of most of them and see my neck look fresher and younger. Please. thanks.

A straight shooter.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your email and for sending the pictures. They actually don't look that bad for a 47 year old neck!

But I do understand your concern and exactly how you feel. My eyes where an area of concern when I was in my late 30's and then in my late 40's my neck too became a concern......and I thought - oh no, now what's going on!

It's a never ending battle -- I'm afraid.....

Well, the two things you mentioned (acid peels and hydrating moisturizers) are very important for aging skin. But they won't get rid of the skin sag.

I've seen great results with neck exercises........actually you should do all the face exercises, because eventually all the areas of your face will concern you as you age.

About a year ago, I started to notice the the rings around my neck and then a few months ago I started to notice the vertical lines and (just like you) I noticed a bit of sag depending on which way my head turned...especially side to side.

A few months later, I've started to see some good results with face exercises. They are easy to do, only take 15 minutes and all (but 2 exercises - neck and lower jowl lift) are done lying down!

They work better lying down due to the gravitational pull.

Click here to read more and to see a video of how to do facial exercises along with a sample of the neck exercise I do.

One of the reasons why these exercises work so well is that they also massage the skin (over taught muscle) which encourages collagen production and helps to thicken and improve skin tone and you get firmer muscles and tighter, thicker skin.

For a peel, I like the renewing serum gentle micro-peel that helps to remove the outer dead, wrinkle skin layers, exposing fresh new skin underneath.

Over time, with constant face/neck exercise/massage - you will develop new healthier skin cells and the micro-peel will help to expose them.

Everyone over 40 should use some type of facial peel to exfoliate dead skin cells because we don't have the natural ability to exfoliate as well as we did our younger years. That is why skin tends to look duller and has less shine as we age.

Here is a link to read more about the micro-peel that I use and love....home chemical peel.

For a moisturizer - you can use a simple olive oil nightly (after your exercises and peel). And a small amount again in the morning while skin is still damp.

If that is too greasy for your or you find it stains your clothes, you can try a moisturizer also produced by the same company that makes the micro-peel -- as the two work well together.

It's not full of perfumes or colors, it's just a basic, organic, botanical moisturizer called Advanced Vitamin Therapy Moisturizer.

I certainly hope this information has helped you. Please keep in informed on how it goes. The advice you received here will not only help with sagging neck skin and wrinkles, but sagging skin and muscles of your whole face.

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Wrinkled Skin When Flying - Any Anti Aging Skin Cream or Homemade Sugggestions

by Bobbie

I am going on a trip that involves long flight times. The last time I flew my skin looked terrible and it seemed as if I had more wrinkles than normal. Three days after I returned home my skin was back to normal.

What can I do so that I don't experience "travel skin" again. I am already drinking a lot of water. What anti aging skin cream should i use or do you have any homemade remedies that would help?
Thanks Bobbie

Hello Bobbie,

Thanks for your email regarding dry skin problems during long flights. You know that is an Excellent question and I'm sure something that many women and men experience.

While drinking lots of water is a good idea as is avoiding alcoholic beverages....perhaps applying a really deep moisturizer before and during
your flight might help.

Since your skin returns to normal after you've finished flying, is a sign that it's simple dehydration.

You didn't say how old you are but, as we age our skin has less ability to hold in moisture - so simple environmental factors can really wreak havoc on our skin.

I would look for moisturizers that contain lactic acid or hyaluronic acid.

For my skin, lactic acid seems to work best. Lactic acid is a humectant ingredient -- meaning it helps bind with water molecules and hold in moisture better.

Try applying this moisturizer before you fly and during your flight.

Also, the night before you fly try to exfoliate your skin well to remove any dead skin cells. This will help ensure better absorption of your moisturizer. Why not give yourself a hydrating facial too?

You can find some good homemade facial recipes here on theses pages:

homemade facials

homemade facial cleansers

If you're pressed for time - try a simple sugar and baking soda mixture to exfoliate your skin. Simple mix equal portions of both and add a little water or oil to make a paste. Then rub this paste lightly all over your face.

Then, rinse off and apply honey all over your face and let it sit for 15 min. Rinse off very well and apply a moisturizer. Honey is wonderful humectant and will also help seal moisture in the skin.

Please do not use honey (or any ingredient) that you are allergic too.

I hope this helped. Please let me know if you have any more questions.


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wrinkles, sagging jowls, acne scars and dull skin

by Elizabeth


Can you please tell me what to do for wrinkled, aging skin and droopy jowls. My skin has lost all firmness and tone. Plus, I have left over acne scars. I need help!!

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for your email regarding sagging jowls and dull skin. Facial exercises is one of the best way to firm up sagging jowls and all over skin tone in general.

Plus, a facial exercise CD (unlike skin creams) is purchased once and you can do it over and over for the rest of your life to prevent skin aging. The exercises will also help reduce and prevent wrinkles.

As far as the acne scars and dull skin tone.....exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! There are several ways/types of exfoliators.

1. General scrubs you can make at home. My favorite is brown sugar & baking soda scrub. Mix equal portions and add a bit of water or your favorite cleanser cream and massage lightly all over your face, neck, and chest. Try this all over your body too. You'll be hooked.

2. Fruit acid serum exfoliator or peel. This involves a serum you apply onto a cotton ball and apply to your face. This serum contains a fruit acid that helps to "polish" or buff your skin. The gentle fruit acid helps to un-glue the dead skin cells and reveals clearer, smoother skin.

Click here to read more at home chemical peels

Click here to learn more about facial exercises and see a video of sample exercises (especially one for the neck/jowls). The woman in this video is over 63 years old.

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if I can answer any more questions.


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Stem Cell Wrinkle Cream

by Liz

Can you tell me about where I can find wrinkle creams with stem cells? I saw something about stem cell wrinkle creams on The Doctors Show.

Hello Liz,

Thanks for your question. I believe you're referring stem cell based wrinkle serum that is derived from living skin cells. I believe the product featured on The Doctors Show was derived from foreskin.

Research indicates that by applying stem cells to aging skin, it can help regenerate the skin.

This serum has a distinct smell, not bad and nobody near you can smell it, but you can because it's on your skin near your nose. The smell is due to all of the live proteins.

Click here to

Also, click here to see before and after pictures of Eye Revolution Gel with Live Stem Cells.

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instant wrinkle reducer?

by Heather
(Philadelphia, Pa.)


I'm looking for a product I read about (somewhere on the web) about an instant serum you can put around the eyes to give yourself like an instant eye lift. Is there something like that on the market?


Hi Heather,

Yes, there is something called Instant Lift they helps to super hydrate and plump up the skin reducing the appearance of wrinkles and gifting the skin a lift.

The thing that makes this product different from the other lifting serums is that it's not sticky, drying to the skin, or too drying.

My only complaint with this serum is that it has a slightly funny smell........but nobody notices this except you. And, as long as it works -- I'm happy!

Hope this helps.....

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Suggestion for Skin Care of Wrinkles - Need Help Buying Skin Care Product

by Joan

Hi, I need advice and help buying skin care product for deep wrinkles around and under my eyes and upper forehead. Which is better Neova or Dermajuv? I'm in my 30's.....please help.

Hi Joan,

Thanks for your email. While it's hard for me to tell which cream will work well for your skin type, For deep wrinkles I would recommend Dermajuv for skin care of wrinkles.

While I like While Neova because of the scientific studies supporting the fact that it does help repair skin (i.e. the copper peptides in Neova helps to increase collagen which can help thicken the skin - which reduces wrinkling) the Dermajuv cream is an improved version of this technology.

It contains something called Matrixyl peptides which makes the product very effective.

If you click here: Matrixyl Studies you can read how Matrixyl works at a deeper DNA level to stimulate collagen and fibronectin.

Plus, Matrixyl works on the same premise as copper
peptides in that it helps to speed wound healing....which is why many plastic surgeons used copper peptides for post cosmetic surgery like laser and chemicals peels.

So what does would healing have to do with wrinkles? Well, in order for a wound to heal (even a simple paper cut on your finger) your body has to produce collagen to close up that wound/cut.

The biggest reason for a wrinkle is lack of collagen. So basically, creams that heal the skin can also help repair wrinkles.

According to the study in the link I provide above...People saw some improvement in wrinkles within two weeks. That's pretty quick - but I would give it a few months before deciding if it's working well for you.

Hope this helps.

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reducing wrinkles

How can I reduce wrinkles?


Thanks for your email regarding reducing wrinkles. There are a few techniques that can help reduce wrinkles and slow formation of future ones.

Generally, wrinkles happen because of improper collagen/elastin production. Then skin begins to thin out, which is when the folds, lines, and wrinkles set in.

While many people believe not moving the skin reduces the chance of wrinkling....exercising it - in a special way - actually helps to build up lost collagen and elastin and thickens the skin. Thicker healthier skin will have has less folds and lines.

That - to me - is my first line of defense for reducing wrinkles. Plus, face exercising helps build muscle mass giving the skin fullness which improves wrinkles too .... and a side benefit you get higher fuller cheeks, less droopy jowls and neck.

You can click here to watch a video of how easy facial exercising is.

Exercises For Face lift.

And, finally, wrinkle creams are important, but I don't believe they can help reduce wrinkle without some physical manipulation - as stated above in the face exercise link.

While there are a few on the market that are good, my favorite anti aging cream is Copper Peptides.

Copper peptides are used by plastic surgeons to help speed up post surgical recovery from cosmetic surgery like laser peels and promote collagen production......If it's good enough for a surgeon, it's good enough for me. :-)

Hope this helps,

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Vitamin E for Eye Wrinkles

Can I open a vitamin E capsule and smear that oil on my eye wrinkles? Would that work for crows feet?

Hi There,

Thanks for your email regarding vitamin E for eye wrinkles. While rubbing vitamin E around the eye area can't hurt it and may make it look softer, keep in mind that a heavy greasy oil around the eye area can cause it to become puffy and swollen.

Plus, there are no studies stating that vitamin E will boost collagen levels - which is what is need to fill in wrinkles.

You're better off applying an eye cream - like copper peptides - that are proven to rejuvenate the skin and boost collagen levels.

Click here to read more Under Eye Wrinkles.

Linda, Admin Wrinkle Free Skin Tips

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removing forehead wrinkles.....


Love your site. I purchased the face exercise CD and have been doing all the exercises especially the ones for forehead wrinkles almost everyday. I think I'm seeing results.

But, I have a reunion to go to in a few weeks. I was hoping that these wrinkles would be gone by then. Any advice? Can I double up and do these exercises twice a day for faster results?

These wrinkles make me look so old.


Hi Darleen,

Thanks for your question regarding forehead wrinkles. I don't think doing the Face Exercises twice a day will make that much of a difference. It's good to give the skin and muscles a rest. However, you should try to do the face exercises everyday....don't skip a day.

I think I might have a solution for your forehead wrinkles. Try an Instant Effect Lifting Serum. It will temporaily smooth out the wrinkles in about 15 minutes. And it lasts for up 8 hours.

Unlike other instant lift serums and creams, this one is not sticky or drying and won't damage the skin. In fact, over time, it actually helps to repair the skin and hydrate it.

I love it and use the instant lift serum around my eyes when I'm really tired and have to look my best.

Here is how to use it. Wash your face and dry it well. Pump a few drops on your finger tips....(it comes in an air tight pump bottle to keep the key ingredients fresh) then smooth across your forehead. Now, let it dry and try not to make any facial expression until it dries.

Once it's dry you'll see a smoother, firmer looking forehead. In face, try it one side of your face and see the big difference.

Now you can apply your make-up and ready to go.

Click here to read more......Remove Forehead Wrinkles.

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Eye Wrinkles - Hi, I have lines big time under my eyes!!!

by Diana

Hi, I am 52 but I work so hard on my look. I have done a little cosmetic surgery and peels. Just three weeks with that.

My skin looks so good but as we know the eyes are the window to the soul. Or, as we know, the eyes say young or old, i.e. hot or not.

I so intend to stay hot. I am looking for a way to deal with my under-eye lines. As one sex goddess to another (and we are all sex goddesses girls) we just need to hang on to our mojo so to speak.

Help me girls please.

How can I get rid of the lines under my eyes.

Hi Diana,

Thanks for your email regarding the lines under the eyes. Yes, I know what you mean about working hard to stay young looking :-)

The eyes are the hardest area to keep up with - as you probably already know. There are a few things you can do to help improve that skin in that area.

First facial exercises are very helpful. I have tried several different programs and found Carolyn's Facial Fitness to be the most effective and fastest in terms of seeing results.

Her exercises are down laying down - using gravity to your advantage. And, the exercises only take 15 minutes a day to do the whole face and neck.

She has special exercises for the delicate eye area too. But be patient, it can take up to to 6 months depending on how thin the skin is an how bad the wrinkles are. But, it does work!! Check out the video of Carolyn, she is over 64 years old and skin looks great.

You can also try a good cream or eye serum. I like this serum for the eye area. It helps a bit with puffy eyes too.

But, keep in mind one thing ........facial exercises work best when they're done all together. Some people are tempted to choose certain ones and neglect other parts of the face.

As Carolyn would say "eventually all the areas of your face and neck will be of concern to you".

Good luck, I hope this information helps. Keep in touch and let me know how it goes.


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Tips for reducing Wrinkles


Can you give me any tips on reducing wrinkles? I tried all kinds of creams but nothing seems to work. I'm fed up!!


Thanks for your question regarding reducing wrinkles. While we all know about the limitations of creams and lotions, we do know that cosmetic surgery procedures can help reduce wrinkles.

But.....the problem is surgery is expensive and requires down time.

I personally like

facial exercises to reduce thin papery skin, fine lines, and lift sagging facial muscles. Click on the link above to watch the video.

Please let me know if you have any more questions.


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