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Wrinkle Free Skin News -- Anti-Wrinkle Pillow Case
March 16, 2010

Wrinkle Free Skin News - BioSil Skin Vitamin Review

Welcome to the March 2010 edition of Wrinkle Free News. Here we'll explore the latest news and research articles about keeping your skin looking as young and healthy as possible.

Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many. ~ Author Unknown

While growing older may be a privilege, it doesn't mean we have to look it.

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March 2010 Issue At-A-Glance:

  • Feature Article
  • - BioSil. Can BioSil really help improve your skin? What are the side effects? Read the reviews and studies.

  • Quick Homemade Beauty Tip - Hydrate and moisturizer dry cracked winter skin with one simple ingredient you probably have in your kitchen right now.

  • Latest Research
  • - Find out what's new in the world of anti-aging skin care news. Get the latest information and research findings.

  • Spring Sale!
  • - Now is a good time to try some products you might have been wondering about. Check out their spring sale.

    BioSil Side Effects and Reviews

    I have been using and recommending BioSil (an orthosilic acid skin vitamin) since I became a health advisor over 25 years ago. And I'm still surprised at the number of people asking me about BioSil side effects.

    I think there is some confusion between BioSil (a biologically active form of silicon called choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid) and the type of silicon used as a principal component of glass, cement, and ceramics. Or the silicone used in plastic substances and for breast implants.

    The biologically active form of silicon in BioSil is an trace mineral found in nature and in your body. This mineral is essential for healthier stronger skin, nail, bones, joints and arteries.

    This special trace mineral helps to increase levels of hydroxyproline, which is a key amino acid required for the production of collagen and elastin. These two substances are essential for keeping our skin smooth, firm and elastic. They also help to strengthen bones, connective tissues, hair, and nails.

    Studies show that adding this mineral to your diet can boost the benefits of calcium, glucosamine, and vitamin D.....very important if you suffer from osteoporosis or any type of joint problem.

    This is my kind of supplement! .... One capsule daily offers a wide range of benefits for the whole body. Click here to read more and review the studies...BioSil

    Best Homemade Moisturizers

    Honey! No, that's not just a term of endearment, it's also one of the oldest and greatest natural food that can be used internally and topically. Did you know that honey has been used for at least 2700 years for a variety of aliments? It's also has powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

    Honey is also loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It has an anti-irritant properties so it's great for sensitive, red, inflamed skin. But most important, honey is a powerful humectant and not only moisturizes the skin, but helps it retain moisture.

    Simple Honey Mask - This mask is almost too easy. Simply spread a thin layer of honey all over your face and neck. Leave it on for about 15 - 20 minutes and then rinse well. You might need a wash cloth to get it off.

    Honey Moisturizing Mask - For extra moisture you can add a tablespoon of whole milk to the honey and apply that to your face for 15 minutes or so. If you don't have whole milk, low fat will do. If all you have is skim milk - while it won't do much as a moisturizer, it's still a great exfoliant. Milk has natural enzymes which can help digest dead skin cells and make your skin look and feel clean and clear.

    For best results, always clean your skin first, then apply the mask. One precaution: If you have certain food allergies or sensitivities, please don't include it in your facial mask. If you’re uncertain, try a small amount on your skin, leaving it for a few minutes, then rise. Look for any sign of irritation.

    Want more homemade skin masks and facial recipes? Click here for more Glowing Skin Tips.

    Latest Research

    Two New Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients

    Well, it's 2010 and we do live in an exciting time with advanced technology and constant research in the areas anti-aging. Recently two new ingredients have been uncovered – a distinctive peptide referred to as Matrixyl, not to be confused with Matrixyl 3000, which is a much less costly and much less effective. And a pluripotent active ingredient called Renovage.

    Using both of these cosmeceutical ingredients together (cosmeceutical means biologically active ingredients) – can not only get rid of wrinkles, but decrease age spots, large pores, redness, hydrate dry skin and enhance skin tone. ......Let’s face it, wrinkles are not the only signs associated with aging. All of these factors add up to old looking skin.

    What is Matrixyl? Matrixyl is a specific remote peptide which penetrates your skin and helps increase the production of collagen as well as fibronectin deep within the lower layers of your skin. It also helps to heal the skin. Why is this crucial? Well, facial lines are similar to wounds because they are both just damaged skin. If you're able to heal a wound, you can heal/fix a wrinkle.

    The Science:

    In a six month double-blind clinical trial, women (ages varying from 34 to 72 years old) who had deep or severe facial lines. Researchers found that Matrixyl quickly triggered “a substantial reduction in the deep and moderate wrinkles”.... significant improvements were measured up to 68%.

    Researchers conclude that women who utilized Matrixyl® through the study experienced dramatic outcomes and discovered that the longer they used it, the better the results.

    In other clinical studies, the Matrixyl peptide had been shown to:

    - increase overall collagen synthesis by up to 117%

    - improve collagen IV synthesis by up to 327%

    - enhance hyaluronic acid functionality by up to 267%

    Some women even reported that smaller fine lines had faded completely away. The best part is many study participants began to noticed some effects in as little as fourteen days.

    The second component, Renovage, was shown in clinical research to increase hydration, firmness, as well as skin tone. Researchers discovered that this serum functions at the DNA level to reduce accumulated damage.

    This allows older skin cells to recover faster and prevent premature aging and repair itself. Clinical assessments demonstrated that Renovage showed 75% improvement in skin regeneration and to reduce toxins as well as signs of aging like redness, enlarged pores, dark spots and wrinkles.

    This is thrilling news and now that these ingredients have finished the testing phase, they are available to the public in several different creams and serums.

    Want to learn more? Click here to read ….. Eyeliss Review and see before and after pictures.

    Featured Product - Dermajuv Instant Lifting Serum

    I have to share with you the latest product I just tried called Instant Effect Lifting Serum. The makers of this product claim that it's will immediately reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lift/tighten the skin. And with constant use, it will repair wrinkles too.

    Well, I was skeptical because I've tried many of these lifting serums in the past and most were too sticky and tacky or didn't do much at all. Other ones I tried were too drying. And, none of these products contained ingredients that help repair the skin.

    Well, I read the research and studies on this product and decided to give it a try. I must say the smoothing/lifting effect didn't happen in 5 minutes - like the ad says - but it did smooth out my skin and lift my eyelids and jowl lines after about 20 minutes or so. And the results got better the longer I used it.

    For some the results can be slight depending on how much skin sagging or wrinkles you have. So I did the ultimate test......I only applied the serum to one side of my face. I applied a thin layer all around the right eye area - under the eye, on the upper eye lids, and all the way out towards the hair line (where crows feet form). I also applied it above and between the eyebrows. I let it dry and then applied a second layer.

    Well, it was incredible! After 5 minutes it still felt a little tacky, but then by 10 minutes is was all gone, didn't see it or feel it. And in about 1/2 hour my skin just felt firmer and I noticed that the upper eye lid (on the right side) was higher and more wide open that the left eye.

    I don't have upper lip wrinkles, I've been told by other women that it helps with lip lines and forehead wrinkles. If you want to read more about the studies or see before and after pictures…click here….Removing Forehead Wrinkles With Instant Effects Lifting Serum.

    Spring Sale!

    Spring Sale, Deals, and Coupon Codes

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    Until next month.......keep exercising your mind, body, and face. Stay healthy and strong.



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