What is Biosil?

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Biosil is a supplement that can help your body regenerate your own collagen.

Plenty of research suggest it offers many anti-aging benefits and healthy support for skin, hair, nails, and even joints.

How Does It Work?

Simply put - Biosil provides the body with the raw materials it needs to produce collagen!

And collagen is the stuff you need to maintain a healthy body from head to toe.

This is something anti-aging creams can't do!

Benefits Review

Surprisingly, many people have never heard of this supplement.

But according to research, it's right up there with the list of important vitamins that can offer wonderful benefits from head to toe.

So What's it Made From?

This supplement is actually considered a mineral and consist of something called choline stabilized orthosilicic acid.

This means it's a special bio-available form of silicon that your body uses as building blocks for collagen.

Can You See Results?

Most people say they notice an increased growth in hair and nails and less joint stiffness in a few months. However, keep in mind that everyone is different. 

If you're looking to support a healthy complexion this can be an important supplement, in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Also consider adding face massages to firm sagging skin & muscles. Watch this video and try these free sample exercises. Also, see my before and after neck pictures!

What The Studies Say:

Studies show the particular form of silicon found in this supplement increases levels of hydroxyproline, which is a key amino acid required for the production of collagen and elastin. 

Hydroxyproline is the stuff that makes the dermis smooth, firm and elastic. This mineral is also important for normal healthy collagen formation. 

A study conducted at the University of Brussels showed that women taking only 10 mg a day of Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid  had an impressive 55% improvement in the elasticity of the dermis.

This highly absorbable,  biological form is only found in Natrol's BioSil™

Almost half of the test subjects also reported improvements in depth and size of facial wrinkles. 

Which Brand is Best?

Any brand that contains pure choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid.

Don't confuse this unique ingredient with horsetail extract or colloidal gel supplements found in many health food stores....They are not the same!

According to some research - these ingredients are poorly absorbed.

In order to have proper absorption and receive optimum benefits from they must first be converted to orthosilic acid – which is the biologically active form found in this vitamin.

Personally I only purchase the:

Natrol Brand.

Natrol contains the same ingredients as the ones used in the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacology clinical trial studies.

Their 9 month randomized, double-blind study on women with fine hair found that the group using the Jarrow Formulas (now called Natrol) experienced a significant improvement in increased diameter of the fibers (making it thicker).

But the group receiving the placebo actually saw a REDUCTION in strength and elasticity.

According to Andy Wickett, Ph.D, Professor and Director of the Cosmetic Science Program at the University of Cincinnati.

These studies proved that oral intake of this dietary supplement improve hair quality......such as tensile strength and elasticity....

Other studies also showed that this form of choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid increased hair diameter, elasticity and tensile strength.

This is one of the few products with scientific proof of absorbability and effectiveness

Several animal studies suggested an increase in collagen levels in the group fed the Biosil supplement when compared to a placebo.

Biosil Dosage - Capsules or Liquid?

This product comes in liquid drops and capsules. Each drop contains 1 mg of silicon and each capsule contains 5 mgs.

The drops are tasteless when mixed with any drink or water. The standard dosage is 5 mgs per day.

Both forms are equally good, but liquid is best if you have a hard time swallowing pills.

What About Side Effects?

Generally, orthosilic acid is safe without any side effects, even in higher doses.

But, if your taking medication, check with your physician before taking any supplement.

Click to read more about side effects.

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