Do Facial Exercises Work?

I decided to try facial exercises to help firm my neck and jowl area. And after trying several different programs - I finally found one that works for me. 

I know a lot of people are skeptical and wonder if face lifting exercises really work..........

Well, I'm a firm believer and living proof that face exercises really do help lift and firm my face.

Plus, the massaging action that goes along with certain facial exercises really helps to improve skin tone and texture.

Check out the video below to learn more....................

(beautiful Carolyn is over 64 yrs. old in this video!)

So why do I feel this face exercise program works for me? Because it's quick, easy, and I saw real results!

Which means I'll commit to doing them on a regular basis.

What Happens To Our
Face As We Age?

As we age our facial features take on a flat, droopy appearance.

As one plastic surgeon described it.... like melting wax, everything slowly starts drooping downward.

  • cheek muscles flatten
  • hollows develop under the eyes 
  • jowl droop
  • mouth corners turn downward

How often have people said "you look tired" when you feel totally fine?

Well, after a several weeks of face exercising, you'll start to hear "Gee,  you look different, what you have done?"

Unlike a stretched, tight, or unnatural look that can result from cosmetic surgery........

Check out this very cool Interactive Face Muscle Chart!

Your friends will notice something is different about you, but they won't know what because a good face exercise program will give you a nice natural balanced look.

Interested in a Natural Face Lift?

If you're tired of looking tired - or just interested in an inexpensive natural solution for firmer face and neck, but don't have a lot of time or money ........

Then this face exercise program might be right for you. 

Which Facial Exercises are Best?

I can't say that one exercise program is the best or suited for everyone.........There are a lot of face-lifting programs on the internet today. But this one has worked well for me.

UPDATE: I took a 5 week challenge to fix my sagging neck skin. After 8 weeks I was surprised at my results. Click to see my BEFORE & AFTER pics.: Neck Firming Challenge.

And, I've tried several different exercise programs over the last 20 years.  But, had a hard time sticking with any of them for any length of time or just didn't like doing them.

For some reason I really liked this one!  Why?

Well because:

  • It's fast
  • I's easy
  • It's inexpensive 
  • It's comfortable 

And I get free updates for life! 

Plus, this workout combines isometric facial exercise with light resistance and muscle building which means..............There is NO uncomfortable skin pulling or tugging! 

Looking for quick results to improve baggy eyes? Try an eye firming treatment that tightens as it dries. But still gentle enough for the sensitive area under the eyes.

Also, this face exercise program targets hard the toughest areas like lower face and neck!

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