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Skin Therapy

Strangely I found this renew intensive skin therapy kit on an Acne site!

renew intensive skin therapy facial

But, that doesn't matter to me! It's inexpensive and really improved my skin texture. It helped reduce that "crepey skin look" and I noticed my pores seem less visible too.

how to have clear skin

I love the way my skin looks after a professional facial or microdermabrasion treatment.

A deep cleaning professional facial really perks-up my complexion.....But I can't afford a professional facial monthly :-(

And, it seems the older I get, the more often I need to exfoliate and polish my skin to get that lucid, smooth, clean pore look.

So, I've been searching for something cheap and over-the-counter that I can do at home as often as I feel I need it........Like the Skin Eraser Kit.

I still love my old stand-by: Baking soda scrub paste (which is a simple mixture of a little water or little olive oil). 

But I think the older I get - the more my skin needs a more intense exfoliating facial.

What about acids and peels?

There are a ton of glycolic acids and at-home skin peeling kits but for skin of a certain age, these can be a little to drying...............

At least that's been my experience. I couldn't use them.

And I'll NEVER use prescription Retin-A again. My skin didn't do well with it at all. 

Then I read several articles about Fruit Acids and how they're gentle for mature or sensitive skin, but really help "un-glue" skin cell bonds - which is what causes that dull, flaky look.

NOTE: This skin renewing cream contains esthetician-grade, triple fruit acid serum. This really helps jump start the peel process to get rid of stubborn dead skin cells.

I saw some results after the first facial. My skin looked a little bit like it does after a professional microdermabrasion facial.

Plump, hydrate, super smooth and clear. I love that look!

Then in about two/three weeks later my skin started to look  bit a dull I gave myself another at-home renew intensive skin therapy facial.

I love that. I can get these facials when I feel I need them at home.

Why dull skin so quickly?

I found out that after a certain age, our collagen production starts to slow down as does the skin's ability to shed dead cells....which contributes to a dull a complexion.

Plus, all those dead skin cells usually settle into lines and wrinkles on your face - further exaggerating their appearance.

This means the older you are - the more often you can benefit from a intense exfoliation treatment.

In fact, most people over the age of 35, can benefit from regular renewing facial treatments.

Who can benefit from this type of facial? Anyone with dull, damaged, uneven tone, blotches, or hyperpigmentation, left over acne breakout blotches.....

So whether you have left over scars and marks from acne or you're starting to battle those tiny fine lines and crinkles/wrinkles - this renew intensive skin therapy facial can probably help.

And by the time we're in our 40's and 50's -- our skin starts to look a little dull and worn out!

This is also the time we start to see damage from previous years of neglect, excess sun exposure, and breakouts - like red and brown spots, freckles, and blotchy uneven tone.

A skin eraser facial can really help "polish" your complexion and diminish imperfections. In addition to reducing rough dry bumpy patches and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Increasing cell turn over not only improves the appearance of our complexion and reduces fine lines, but encourages collagen production, and enhances the absorption of nutrients anti-aging creams and moisturizers.

Professional Therapy
for Clearer Skin

Whether it's hyperpigmentation due to sun damage and aging or spots and scars from previous breakouts or acne, there are several options to get clearer skin.

Of course the fastest methods - but most expensive - are laser resurfacing and chemical peels. These treatments are very effective for removing different types of brown spots and solar lentigines on the face. But, you may need repeated treatments for best results.

Also, you need to set aside some time for healing as side effects include swelling, scarring, scabbing or crusting, peeling, and redness.

Most people can return to work after 7-14 day using camouflage makeup until the skin is completely healed.

Other options include professional microdermabrasion which can help reduce moderate to severe photodamage, lines and certain scars.

It has been suggested that a monthly dermabrasion treatment over the course of a year provides similar results to a light chemical peel.

Bleaching creams like Hydroquinone might work for some people with discoloration like melasma - but the safety of this bleaching cream is questionable.

For example, Hydroquinone has been banned in certain countries in Europe due to possible connections with cancer. So this may not be the best choice at this time.

A More Simple Option
to Renew Skin

If you have more time than money and want a more simple, inexpensive renew intensive skin therapy, then consider the skin eraser facial kit.

This facial is powerful with a 30% professional-grade serum, so start slowly and always follow directions exactly as recommended.

While results may not be as dramatic as professional laser treatments - this facial can help smooth and even out your complexion for much less cost and minimal side effects.

While most people see immediate improvement in their complexion after the first treatment - best results are seen in 3-5 weeks.

Click on the link below to review the expected results after 1 treatment, after 4 treatments, and after 8-10 treatments.

View results after a renew intensive skin therapy...

This two step natural process helps increase cell turnover to allow new fresh cells to come to the surface which – over time – gives you a clearer, smoother, younger complexion.

The first step polishes and scrubs the upper dermis with a dermabrasion cream that contains exfoliating micro-spheres.

You can use the polishing cream on the neck and chest (another area that shows signs of aging too). This cream also prepares the dermis so the second step (the skin eraser serum) can penetrate deeply for best results.

The second step a ascorbic-glycolic-lactic-acid serum that helps reduce lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. Studies show that glycolic acid is as effective as hydroquinone for lightening but safer to use.

This 30% professional grade serum is potent – so a little goes a long way. In terms of cost, this renewing "home" facial is a very inexpensive way to revive your complexion and keep it clean, smooth, even, and hydrated.

Speaking of cost - Don't forget to enter Code:NVFRS to take advantage of the FREE Shipping Sale!

And while this treatment is intensive it is suitable for sensitive skin types of all colors.

Also, regardless of which renew intensive skin therapy you use - make sure to follow the instructions well and always use a good sunscreen, avoid tanning beds, or prolonged exposure to the sun while using any of the treatments.

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