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I've tried dozens of Facial Exercisers and gadgets!

But if you want to know what worked for me and gave me the results you see in the picture above? Then scroll down and read more.....................

There are many face exercise devices and contraptions on the market that are supposed to lift and firm facial muscles and improve skin tone.

I'm familiar with many of these face exercising devices because I've been testing many them since about 1989............

Take the one below for example: The Face Master

Facial exercisers Face Master

It was supposed to lift sagging facial muscle through electrical stimulation.

Here is how it worked: You turn it on, dial up the strength and then place the tiny wands on the sagging areas of your face to lift and firm that area.

I felt a little tingling, but that's about it. The contraption DID NOTHING to improve my facial muscles!!

Another one I tried was the Facial Flex.

facial exercisers - Facial Flex

Here is how it worked: There are two pieces that are held together with rubber bands in the middle. You place this tiny contraption in your mouth and then try to squeeze/purse your lips together like you're making a kiss.

The tiny rubber bands create resistance when you try to close your mouth. 

It did help strengthen the muscles around the mouth a little bit, however, it really didn't address all the other muscles throughout the face and neck. 

Also, you run the risk of "overbuild" muscles around the nose and mouth thus creating deeper nasolabial folds.............. you know those lines/folds that run up and down from your nose to the bottom of your mouth.

My Face Tightening Choice?

face exercise

After years of testing I've settled on the CFF program. It's simple and does not require special equipment, just my hands.


This program targets all 57 muscles of the face and neck, so you lift and firm everything from your forehead to your chest.

And, my favorite part, this facial exercise program is done lying down (on the floor or in bed). The point of lying down is to help maximize results by using gravity.

You can also visit my other page: Facial Exercises and watch a video on how easy these exercisers are and meet the creator of this program.

Facial Exercising - Benefits

While we know how important exercise and strength training is to keep the body firm.....the same thing happens to the face and neck. 

Using your fingers and hands - while lying down - you create tension and resistance against facial muscles, therefore increasing and building up muscle fibers.

With regular use, your facial muscles will get stronger, shorter and flatter – this causes the attached skin to become firmer and tighter.

As a result - your face will become more lifted - cheeks are higher. Sagging or papery skin becomes firmer and "bouncy" and skin tone looks smoother. 

Just try it for yourself. In about 5 weeks, you'll see the difference!!

And of course, don't forget to enhance your anti-aging effects with a good collagen building cream like Copper Peptides.

Also, consider using advance, super absorbable Copper Peptide Cream to help build more collagen.

Take Before and After Pictures

If you do decide to try it, take a picture before hand – especially a good side view. Sometimes, especially if you’re younger, results aren’t that noticeable to you – but others will comment and with a before picture, you’ll be able to gauge your success.

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