Why Do Surgeons Use Copper Peptide Cream?

One important active ingredient in post-surgical healing creams is copper peptide.

When my girlfriends had laser skin resurfacing treatments - they were given a jar of this blue cream that contained copper peptides.

Many plastic surgeons have known about its benefits on aging skin for years.

Why? Because peptides can help protect and improve skin tone! 

But, finding anti-wrinkle cream that contained a good amount of copper peptides was tough.

The best one I found was this copper peptide hydrator which is potent and is sold directly to you without the retail markup costs...

While we can't simply remove a wrinkle with creams, we can help "fix" it and the damage with a wound healing ingredient.

If copper peptides can help heal wounded/damaged skin -  image how effective peptide creams can be to help improve skin health.

Copper Peptide Studies

Anti-aging pioneer, Dr. Pickart, was one of the first to discover the skin rebuilding, wrinkle reducing effects of copper peptides.

Later he patented a special form of copper peptide called GHK-Cu that especially beneficial for reducing scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and helped repair aged damaged skin.

A randomized, double blind study showed GHK-Cu - when applied for 12 weeks - improved skin appearance, increased thickness and density while reducing lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation (skin spots).

Some volunteers saw small changes in wrinkles in a few weeks.

International Journal of Cosmetic Science. Role of topical peptides in preventing or treating aged skin.

Another study involving 20 volunteers tested three different creams, copper peptide creams, vitamin C, and Retin-A.

After a few weeks those treated with the copper peptide cream saw an incredible 70% increase in collagen.

Those treated with the vitamin C cream saw a 50% increase and those treated with the Retin-A only saw a 40% increase in collagen.

And the American Academy of Dermatology found that copper peptides can increased skin elasticity, thickness, and density, while reducing lines and wrinkles in just 3 months.

Now, there is an advanced patented Copper Peptide Complex with more than 17 U.S. patents and 80 foreign patents, that is designed to reduce signs of aging.

A recent study on a new, patent pending MD3 copper complex showed that the appearance of skin damage can be seen in just a few weeks!

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So what exactly are copper peptides? Well, peptides are tiny fragments of protein (that are necessary for tissue rebuilding) and they have a strong affinity for copper.

When these two are put together they bind tightly forming copper peptides.

Best Copper Peptide Cream?

So what are the best copper peptide skin care products?

Well, from what I discovered there aren't many "true" antioxidant rich, peptide creams and serums available.

For a while - copper peptide rich creams were only available from plastic surgeons. 

According to the developers of MD3 Copper Peptide, these newer peptide creams and serums help target and penetrate more effectively thanks to smaller molecules.

The micro-delivery (MD3) copper complex is able to target the cells because the molecules are smaller and are able to penetrate  better for maximum, faster results. 

Plus, I found this form of peptide to be less irritating than the former versions, so it's much easier to use by most people - even those with sensitive skin. 

And, it's very affordable!

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