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Age Progression Generator Video

While this is not an anti aging research breakthrough, I thought that Wrinkle Free Skin Tips website visitors would enjoy seeing this very interesting facial aging simulated video.

You'll see facial age progression from toddler to senior. Click on the link above to watch this video!

Latest News on Beauty Injections to Dissolve Fat

Restylane injections have been used to help plump up wrinkled, deflated or lax skin around the nasal labial folds (parenthesis around the mouth), lip and mouth and cheeks. 

But now there is a new cosmetic injectable that does the opposite.

ATX-101 (deoxycholic acid)  - literally helps burn or dissolve fat at the injected sites. It’s currently in clinical trials for the treatment of excess fat under the chin area…………But Don’t Get Too Excited Yet! 

Looking for a cheaper option? Check out these face and double chin exercises. Watch this chin and neck exercise video.

Deep Forehead Wrinkles and Bone Health 

Research shows an interesting link between forehead wrinkles - especially between the eyebrows - and low bone density, especially in menopausal women.

Botched Plastic Surgery 

Considering plastic surgery? Over 50? Review the Top 10 High Risk Cosmetic Procedures for Aging People.

Benefits of Salicylic Acid 

What can this simple acid do for your complexion? From acne to a dry complexion - it's perfect for all types.

Face Lift Exercises and Bone Atrophy 

Researchers compared CT scans between young and older females and found facial bone structure atrophies with age. Could facial exercises help support bone health too? 

Low Dose Accutane to Treat Rosacea 

Some research indicates that it helps relive mild rosacea symptoms.

Accutane Medicine - Accutane Long Term Side Effects 

Are you taking Accutane? Have you suffered any side effects or problems?

Accutane Acne Treatment Birth Defects - Accutane Lawsuits 

One of the saddest side-effects of the drug are the babies. Read about class action lawsuits.

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Other Anti-Aging Research News and TidBits 

What's New In Cosmetics?

In my opinion, the most exciting anti aging research advancement for wrinkles are peptides.

While peptides are not new, they're still one of the best ingredients to look for in anti aging wrinkle creams.

Peptides are able to work at the DNA level to help stimulate the production of fibronectin and collagen.

Research shows they also have a positive effect on wound healing, imagine what it can do for a wrinkle?

What About Plastic Surgery?

Have you ever heard of a Stem Cell Facelift?

Here a surgeons uses stem cells from your own body fat and injects them into strategic places on your face to lift and plump up sagging tissues. 

So instead of using Restylane or other types of synthetic dermal fillers, you're using your own stem cells to plumb up those droopy folds and wrinkles.

According to surgeons, this procedure lasts much longer than most fillers.

1 Hour Facelift?

Another interesting cosmetic surgery procedure is the 1 Hour Facelift.

This somewhat controversial lower facelift cosmetic procedure is performed WITHOUT anesthesia.

And the patient is sitting slightly up-right the whole time for more natural results.

This surgery is sometimes called the Awake Facelift or Beverly Hills Face Lift.

Click on the link above to learn more....


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