The Connection Between Deep Forehead Wrinkles and Bone Health

deep forehead wrinkles

While deep forehead wrinkles are annoying there might be another reason to worry about these "worry lines"...............

Some studies suggest a connection between between the loss of collagen/elasticity and much needed hormones.........

Which also affects other important aspects our body and health - namely bone density.

Study Links Collagen Loss to Low Bone Density

Yale University School of Medicine performed studies on women with deep lines or creases on the forehead during menopausal years.

This study reveals that bone density also plays a role in the overall predominance of forehead wrinkles.

The women with the worst/deep lines also had lower bone density.

Certainly other factors were considered including a person’s diet, vitamin intake, whether or not they smoked, their age, race, and even body mass.

But the overall underlying factor was exactly how healthy a woman’s bones appeared using various tests.

If you’re asking how the two would be related, it seems that your dermis and bones share specific proteins like type 1 collagen which is essential for bone and skin. So the health of the your complexion could be an indicator of bone health too.

As a woman’s hormones levels drop, collagen production also slows affecting our complexion and bones. And where exactly is this relationship seen most dominantly? Right between the eyes on the forehead!

This area is often referred to as the elevens (11) by plastic surgeons and dermatologists because when the eyebrows are contracted and brought closer together they form lines that look like the number 11. Researchers found that the deeper the furrow, the weaker the bones.

Sunshine – Bad for Complexion But Good for Bones?

Another interesting tidbit from this study is the danger of sun exposure. We know that sunshine provides us with much needed vitamin D for optimum bone health, yet it's also known to wreak havoc with our complexion.

So, one would assume that lots of sunshine is good for our skeletal health - but also contributes to deep wrinkles and damage....Right?

However, researchers found that not all women with excess sun exposure had deep wrinkles.

However, don't ditch your sunscreen just yet…...........

While the findings are interesting, more controlled studies need to done to fully understand the impact sun exposure on the dermis and bones.

vitamin D capsules

But with this in mind, it behooves women entering per-menopausal years to seriously consider taking a Vitamin D with Calcium supplement to keep their bones and skin in healthier condition.

If your calcium supplement does not contain Vitamin D, or osteoporosis runs in your family, then consider taking higher doses of Vitamin D.

If you have any health issues or are taking any medication, remember to always speak to your physician first before taking any supplements.

Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles

Well, very deep lines usually require cosmetic Botox or Restylane dermal fillers.

But, there are things you can do to improve the look and feel of your complexion................

Besides good nutrition and supplements, keep your diet rich in vegetables. The antioxidants in many such foods feed our complexion from the inside out.

What to See Imimprovements Now?

Exfoliate regularly to get rid of old, dead, tired cells. People underestimate the power of increasing cell turnover for healthy, softer, complexion.

Exfoliating can help improve the absorption of your favorite moisturizer and stimulate collagen production. Plus, eliminating dead cells makes your complexion looks smoother and more luminous.

After exfoliating make sure to apply a rich moisturizing cream, preferably one with SPF protection.

Starting a good anti-aging protocol now can help minimize aging damage as you age. Take your time and do your research before buying products intended for deep forehead wrinkles.

Not all moisturizers are made equal, and the price tag isn’t always indicative of quality.

What ingredients should you look for? Click here to learn more about anti-aging creams.

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